Look who's still releasing movies for the PSP (Sony, of course)

Gamertell has posted a list of 16 movies recently and soon-to-be released on UMDs for the PSP.

From the article:

"So maybe the UMD movie format didn't work out as well as Sony may have hoped. A lot of stores have given up selling movies on UMD or at least cut back its numbers considerably but, believe it or not, there are still new UMD movies on the horizon for PSP. Most if not all of the new and unreleased UMD movies are made by Sony Pictures thus making the selections pretty limited."


Note that the UMDs listed in the article have been or are being released September 2008 through January 2009.

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Shaka2K63558d ago

I only buy movies on UMD and Blu-ray.

schmeidenkamp3558d ago

were dead before they hit the (sales) floor

Arsenic133558d ago

UMB would be great if it didnt sell for more than a dam DVD. It has less stuff wth!

schmeidenkamp3558d ago

all those movies are crap, those will sell (sarcasm)

DarkBlood3558d ago

well sometimes i dont care that much for the extra features and i would like to find final fantasy advent children movie for the psp instead of the dvd just to have a portable collection to go along with my crisis core game and hopfully in the future or not they release ff7 on psn

if you the type of people that does that sometimes then youd understand

PirateThom3558d ago

I wish Sony would just put digital copies of movies on Blu-ray movies instead of UMD nonsense.

RealityCheck3557d ago

I agree. However the PSP keeps getting hacked, that's probably what is holding Sony back on this.

Covenant3558d ago

Still not sure why Sony hasn't switched to a digital download model for the PSP...maybe because they invested so much into the UMD format.

But DLs would make more sense for the system. Link it to PSN, bring Sony/Columbia's vast video library into play, and price 'em cheap...that would definitely help the PSP.

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