Giant Bomb Hands-On: Far Cry 2 Multiplayer

Giant Bomb: You've heard plenty by now about what's unique in Far Cry 2: its open-world gameplay set in a massive section of the African savanna; its dynamic social hierarchy of warring mercenary factions allying and reorganizing themselves based on who you befriend and who you kill; its advanced physics and weather systems that allow you to destroy small buildings, watch the resulting fire spread across the dry plain grass, then see a storm come in and quash the flames. The game's campaign is seriously ambitious, but if Ubisoft Montreal can pull it all off, I'm expecting it to be something special.

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jkhan3441d ago

Something about the FarCry MP doesn't feel right. I don't may be its just me, but the MP feels very slow and with all the big multiplayer games coming out this year, I doubt this will have legs to stand beside them.