Game Informer: LEGO Batman Review

Game Informer Writes: "If you think the only entertaining version of Batman is the dark, gothic one that deals with mature themes as found in the new films and modern comics, you're wrong. LEGO Batman is as childish as video games can get, yet it's still appealing to a wide audience. By the same token, if you think developer Traveler's Tales is changing its golden formula after succeeding with the slew of LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones games, you're wrong again."

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Silogon3436d ago

It's sad how games like this outsell MGS4, Gears of War and Resistance combined. Sad indeed.

Grown Folks Talk3435d ago

people just want to pick up & play without all of the effort. I like a challenge, but every now & then, Max Payne type stuff is what you want.