The Hachiko: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Review

The Hachiko writes: "The MMORPG market is a crowded one and World of Warcraft is undoubtedly the king of the crop if going on sheer numbers and pop culture recognition. It's also not a great time to be releasing a new MMORPG, considering Age of Conan was just released not long ago, World of Warcraft will have its second expansion releasing shortly, and even Lord of the Rings Online is set to release their first expansion before the year is done. Despite the crowded market and stiff competition to come, Warhammer Online releases with a bang, and shoves its way through the throng of gamers in order to stand tall as one of the premier games worthy of your time.

Unlike some other MMORPGs, I had quite a time choosing the career for my main character. The reason for this difficult decision is strictly a good thing, as Warhammer Online features no less than twenty career paths to choose from, with every one of them appealing to one gamer or another. I'm usually able to easily pick what I want to play as in a MMORPG, but mainly that's because there is only one interesting option to me while the others are just very ho-hum. When it came to Warhammer Online, however, I had around ten different careers that were vying for my attention."

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