Level-5 announces Ushiro for the PSP

Level-5 has announced a new game called Ushiro for the PSP in the latest Famitsu magazine. Its release date is scheduled for next year in Japan.

- Horror RPG where a shinigami clings on behind people that have exhausted their lives to experience their lives.
- As a shinigami you observe, possess, and fulfil the wishes of the person you're attached to.
- There's a scene where you fight a monster that is an embodiment of a person's malice.



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---------Nona-------3462d ago

PSP lovin all the way to the top

Rick Astley3462d ago

Level-5 supports Sony all the way.

jams_shop3462d ago

I got a psp last year and have been playing on little guy all the time

clinker3462d ago

It's only Western developers who are abandoning the PSP. Sales are still quite strong in Japan:

Raoh3462d ago

wow that sounds awesome

i hope it makes it to the states

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The story is too old to be commented.