Mass Effect: Andromeda debuts at No.1

EA and BioWare’s RPG sequel Mass Effect: Andromeda has unsurprisingly shot straight to the top of the UK Top 40 in its first week of sale in the UK.

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Nyxus298d ago

Horizon sure has some legs! In the individual sales charts it's even at nr 3, right below the two console versions of Mass Effect. Very impressive! Zelda is still doing well too.

moegooner88298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Glad to see it doing well tbh. I am impressed at how well the story is, and the amount of research that went behind its portrayal. Concept could have been a bit hard to sell but GG executed it very well.

GuruStarr78298d ago

Yes, I'm also enjoying it as we speak. It's actually torn me away from some of the other big games that have launched recently. It looks great on my 4K with PS4 Pro, too.

Der_Kommandant298d ago

I'm very intrigued, i stopped doing side missions just to dig more about the story!

freshslicepizza298d ago

Once again trying to overshadow multiplat games by trying to keep the focus on exclusives. Yes Horizon and Zelda are amazing titles but why are there so few on this site who discuss multiplat games as much as those exclusives?

The game is actually pretty fun if people gave it a chance on this site.

Nyxus298d ago

Do I need your permission to talk about certain games?

isa_scout298d ago

I bought Zelda,Horizon, and Mass Effect and Mass Effect definitely lacks the quality of those two EXCLUSIVE titles. Is "Exclusive" a dirty word to you or something? Mass Effect is a good game, but after playing Zelda and Horizon I think people rightly expected much more from Bioware. Nintendo and Guerilla Games out Biowared Bioware, it's hilarious.

starchild298d ago

On this site multiplats almost always get downplayed and exclusives get overhyped. Unless they are exclusives on one of the "wrong" platforms, in which case they are downplayed just like the multiplats.

Kribwalker298d ago

Forza horizon 3 still hanging out in the top 10 as well is good to see. Game released in September and still has some legs

Razzer296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

Racing games are big in the UK. Not surprised. edit: But yeah....Forza Horizon 3 is a great game. My favorite racer ever.

Ashlen298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

This game is really good. Unfortunately people got caught up on really unimportant things. Over and over I keep seeing people who have actually played it say it's really good only to have people who obviously haven't played it argue with them. It's really an unfortunate situation.

When you have actually played it it's easy to tell Bioware really put a lot of effort and work into the game. It's easily provides 100+ hours of content, and the story is really good though it takes a while before you understand whats going on beyond the basic ideas of trying to restore the planets.

SouljAx360298d ago

This is one of those games where I'll tell myself okay I'll play for an hour then I gotta go do something. 3 hours later and it's like oh damn it. I'm having a blast with it. I've seen a couple 5/10 reviews for this game, and you can tell they're full of shit once you've played the game yourself.

Armaggedon298d ago

True. Everytime I play the game I think to myself"5/10, really guys?" I have seen worse games get greater adoration.

RavageX298d ago

There is no excuse for the poor animations present. The is supposed to be a AAA game and imo that is a serious foul. It isn't even their first time around the block, they should know what they are doing by now.

Ashlen298d ago

I don't really know what to say if animations are more important to you than story/gameplay and 100+ hours of content. Not to mention the fantastic Mass Effect lore. A few animations don't stop me from laughing when my Krogan teammate charges enemies or laughing at goofy Salarian jokes and all the other things that make Mass Effect great.

Sircolby45298d ago

The animations are nowhere near as bad as they are being made out to be. If you actually played the game and saw the vast magnitude of dialog that this game has you would understand why they may not be as good as some of these trash games with an 8 hour story. That is not really a fair comparison.

Armaggedon298d ago

Yes, Ii get that the animations are bad, but an ex-bioware/Naughty Dog dev already told us how mammoth of undertaking it would be to do high quality animations on all the different interactions in the game. If I had to choose to either look at more atuff in the game or play more stuff in the game, I would choose play more stuff.

Dark_Knightmare2298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Dude yes the animations are off but gtho if that ruins a game so much for you that you can't play it.

Gatsu298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

How the hell are people complaining so much of these animations??? I dont get it. They are such a minor thing in the game lol. What is wrong with all of you.

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AspiringProGenji298d ago

"This game is really good. Unfortunately people got caught up on really unimportant things."

I get it. You must be a first timer if you believe those issues are "unimportant things." those face to face moments and character interactions were a big part of Mass Effect Trilogy, and this AAA "next gen" game with such issues is unacceptable

Ashlen298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Yeah this is my first game... Get back to me when you realize what game my icon on this site is from.

First off the animations are really only bad for a few characters and second no, that's not something that will stop me from enjoying a game.

But from reading your comment history I know you haven't even played the game, so I don't know how you get off questioning my opinion.

"Over and over I keep seeing people who have actually played it say it's really good only to have people who obviously haven't played it argue with them."

Armaggedon298d ago

Yes, they nad to cut corners to maintain those interactions. They chose to put more stuff to play vs stuff look at, but all people this generation want to do is look at their games.

Dark_Knightmare2298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

I'm sorry I've beat the og trilogy with all the dlc for each about 10 or more times I love it that much but when people say the animations ruin this game for them I just laugh. Yes the animations are off although nowhere near as bad as the internet hive mind would have you believe but I still love talking to my teammates and other npcs as much as I can because yes it is mass effect. This game has such an insane amount of incidental dialogue that puts the og trilogy to shame not to mention it feels more alive. For example I love how your crew on the tempest are constantly moving and interacting with each other unlike the og trilogy where they were always in their "special" rooms and only interacted with each other when a cutscene deemed it necessary. Seriously the amount of hate this game has gotten is overblown but thats the internet mob mentiality for you it's nothing but an echo chamber where people who haven't or were never going to play the game are echoing what they have seen and heard so they can fit in which is just pathetic

PlayableGamez-298d ago

It really isn't a good game...

Armaggedon298d ago

I bet it would get 10/10 if the animations were high grade. "Look at how he moves when you turn,10/10. "

Dark_Knightmare2298d ago

It really is a good game the second best mass effect with only 2 being better and I say that has a huge mass effect fanboy

JeffGUNZ297d ago

Except it is. 32 Hours in with only 28% game completed. I will get over 100 hours of pure gold Mass Effect but you don't play it because the animations don't meet your standards lol

Sircolby45298d ago

I agree 100%. All of the trolls trashing on the game are just following the lynch mob of idiots.

RavageX298d ago

I didn't say I haven't played it, I like it fine but I also expect better quality from Bioware. If conversations/relationships are a main part of a game then yes, I expect the facial animations to be on point. You can't cut corners with that. Character creation, another VERY important part, completely awful.

Does the game deserve 5/10 scores? No, but it definitely isn't a 9...or even an 8 imo. If they fix that major problem then absolutely, but right now...I'd say 7.5. I would have been perfectly ok with a delay for them to get on point with those things instead of how it turned out.

JeffGUNZ297d ago

Do you know how much work it is for all conversations to be synced up perfectly? That's why you see games with linear campaigns and limited cut scenes have good animations in dialogue. Doing that in an 6-8 hour campaign game is easy compared to a 100+ hour ME game. Do you really know how many conversations are in this game?! I mean, I have talked to characters in one convo for over 5 minutes. The animations are not even that bad, it does nothing to take the story away for the player. I am just as gripped in this game as I was with all the other ME games and other similar games. People saying (not you specifically), but anyone anyone saying the animations take away from the games story and feeling have clearly not played it. Everyone who has ACTUALLY played it, all fall in the same line of it's a fantastic game. If people are just focused on a good space story with real animations, go see Interstellar lol.

RavageX297d ago


That is what they are paid to do, make a quality game. . They knew what they were getting into with this game, it isn't the first one they have made. Like I said they should have the hang of this by now.

Lets simply agree to disagree. I like the game, but I am not gonna cut slack. They can do better than this.

And it's easy to say people are on a bandwagon. I don't listen to reviewers, I got the game regardless. I am not hating on the game, but it does need work/polishing/etc. That is obvious.

Artemidorus298d ago

It's what happens when millennials listen to reviewers too much.

I also think it's a good game.

JeffGUNZ297d ago

Perfectly said. New age gamers are in the wrong field. If you want real life everything, go see a movie. The amount of hate for this game from people who haven't actually played it is pathetic. It's like the hate Destiny received and that game did fine. People expect the entire world and cry when they don't/ Like I have said before, I am 32 hours in right now, barely in the priority missions and only completed 28% lol. Paying $60 bucks for over 100+ hours, count me in. Game is awesome. Also, anyone else absolutely love the way you travel from one system to another and one planet to another? Really makes you feel like you're in the tempest.

Gatsu298d ago

Well said and I agree with you.

AspiringProGenji298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

"Yeah this is my first game... Get back to me when you realize what game my icon on this site is from."

Oh look an old timer! 👏 👏 everyone bow now!!
Who is the one in my avatar? Like, what does it have to do with anything?

I refuse to support this game as a big Mass Effect fan for obvious reason. You first timer enjoy it! You won't mind any of that sloppy and horrible animations or care about characters because of that. That may be fine. But in my case that is not, just like many more fans as well. This game is a disappointment held up by its combat. ME was not all about combat only.

Ashlen297d ago

So since only the combat is good what part of the story didn't you like? What was your least favorite character interaction?

Oh wait you can't answer that since you haven't played it so all you can do is parrot what you have heard.

I find it funny your trying to insult me by saying I haven't played Mass Effect, when obviously I am invested in the series seeing as I bought it.

And yes I have been gaming for a very long time, since before games even had animations and I can appreciate games that lack those things and I still will happily play games that were probably made before you were born.

_-EDMIX-_298d ago

I'm not too worried about the facial animations and other features in the game, I'm actually more so worried about the bugs in the glitches I've seen people falling through the ground and a whole bunch of other garbage that is just unacceptable.

I actually think it's based concept makes sense I actually think it's gameplay elements are probably the best of the series but it's polish and functionality are just terrible.

Ashlen297d ago

Those things are almost certainly not going to happen to you. And that's a big issue I have with this controversy. A lot of the things that are being painted as widespread are anything but. It's a video game in the 99% percentile any wacky thing can happen. Bugs can happen in any game even a game that works properly 99% of the time. A lot of the glitches you see in the videos just simply didn't happen for me.

There are some valid issues like Adisons face in the infamous "my face is tired" clip and the Cora walking thing that do happen. But many of the other things are just rare glitches.

And on top of that even if you did fall though the world the game auto-saves constantly (in different slots) it's pretty much impossible that anything could set you back more than a few minutes.

JeffGUNZ297d ago

32 Hours in and haven't experience any of those bugs. Playing on Day One edition of Xbox One. The Day one patch fixed FPS drops I experience during my limited playing time via EA Access.

AspiringProGenji297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Who insulted you? I guessed this was your first ME game since you said facial animations and those issues weren't unimportant when in previous ME games characters and interaction were really important. That was not an insult

And No I haven't played the game because of all those issues. I'll wait until they fix them or not bother if they don't. i won't miss it. I don't need to play the game to experience the issues myself to come talk about them or even complain.

Ashlen297d ago

Chief, all I am saying is I and many others have played the game and we enjoy it. And that a lot of the people who keep saying it's bad are people who haven't even played it.

JeffGUNZ297d ago

@ AspiringProGenji

The animations in Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3 weren't that good either lol. If anything, it's on par with ME3. Sure, they can be better, but take it from myself, Ashlen, and countless others who have actually PLAYED the game to tell you it does not take away from the game what so ever. I am truly sad for you that you refuse to play this game solely on something so minute. The story (it really develops longer into the game), combat, planets, nomad, movement, dialogue really make this one of the best ME experiences. I'm not hating on you, just try the game and do so with an open mind and not a pre judged bias. It's truly a great experience

leoms297d ago

You didn't receive the memo?Animation is more important than content these days.

Herbiwhore297d ago

Yes agreed, gameplay wise this is my favourite mass effect so far. Love the bigger skill trees and the crafting. Played over 20 hours and only been on 2 planets and the Nexus, so I can easily see this being over 100 hours. I guess me spending that much time on planets gives a back tick mark on the exploration as well. Story wise we will see but so far so good, and the dialogue between the characters is also good

Ashlen297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

Get back to me when you have played it and have more insight than a 20 min youtube clip that has about 5 minutes of game play. It's a 100+ hour game sorry if I am not going to let a few buggy animations persuade me not to enjoy it.

JasonKCK297d ago

From multiple sources, reviewers and gamers. The game is broken simple as that.

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Relientk77298d ago

There are a lot of fans of the series. Even despite much negativity, still expected it to be #1

SaveFerris298d ago

Thank you to the pathfinders who made this game number 1.

As for myself, I had already chosen not to purchase it.

Kribwalker298d ago

I'm gonna prolly wait till it's on EA Access