iYo: Power Your iPhone with a Yo-Yo

Ripten writes:

"Swedish inventor and assumed iPhone owner, Peter Huvander, created the iYo to power his phone though the long Swedish winter. Because of the lack of light during the dark season (really?), Huvander needed to find a solution to his inability to harness the sun's power. Mine would have been to just plug it in."

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Twizlex3588d ago

Wow, that's super dorky, but somehow still kinda cool. Why not just plug it in?

cahill3587d ago

ipHONE is a flop too

Twizlex3587d ago

Yes, there are much better mp3 players out there than the iPod also. All these i-things are for people that don't know any better.

schmeidenkamp3587d ago

but it seems like you'd be yo yo'ing all day just keep the dam thing on, idk