Game Revolution: de Blob Review

Game Revolution writes: "Sometimes nuggets of wisdom can be found in the most unlikely of places -- written on a bathroom stall, printed inside a gum wrapper, or buried in a children's movie. Who would have thought that when Shrek was using an onion metaphor to describe himself, he could have just as well been describing THQ's de Blob. Yes, indeed, this is a game with layers.

It's easy to be deceived by de Blob's packaging. I know I was. Bright shiny colors? Check. Cutesy main character? Check. "E" for Everyone rating? Check. Wii exclusive? Check."

+ Easy to pick up and play
+ Lots of depth and replayability
+ Genuinely FUN
+ Appeals to casual and hardcore players
- Bland music
- Occasional physics quirk
- Limited control options
- Lock-on targeting

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