First Google Phone Commercial

G4TV writes: "We're excited enough about the G1, Google-Android powered phone to share a common commercial with you. Check it out:"

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Sanhlami3316d ago

freaken sweet. Looks good.

Hydrolex3316d ago

I have T-Mobile and I cannot buy an Iphone, then I buy a G1 because Youtube is owned by Google.

I wish it also has MSN messenger

Rob0g0rilla3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

Man, this thing has everything and more.

Hey Hydrolex, check this video out. Pause at 1:23.

Isn't Windows Live Messenger is the same as MSN? Well, then it supports it.

uie4rhig3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

thx for the link and bubbles for you ;)

that really looks sick :O im defo gonna buy it :)

Ro11z3316d ago

just a shame the HTC mega Fugly

why couldnt they make it more like the HTC HD ?

Rob0g0rilla3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

It looks amazing. My only problem with it is the 1gb monthly cap they decided to put on it. That just ruined it. They add 3G to the phone and their networks (in 22 areas) but decide to add a 1GB monthly cap? That's terrible. Anyone with a 3G iPhone will tell you how easy it is to go over 3GBs.

Sanhlami3316d ago

Another google product added to my list. Next is Google game console.

LikAChicken3316d ago

if Google did come with a console, somebody (competitor) should leave. I really do think 4 consoles on the market would be a bit much and expensive for multiplatform

PS360WII3316d ago

Well as much as I like Google they won't be getting me to switch from my iPhone ;)

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