1UP FM Previews Mirror's Edge

1UP writes: "Remember how your Monday nights and Tuesday mornings used to be? A heartbeat away from kicking the chair out from under you after finding out you had no milk when you'd already poured yourself a bowl of cereal? You can't put it back in the box. YOU CAN'T PUT IT BACK IN THE BOX. And now, thanks to 1UP FM, you don't have to!

In case you haven't read the October issue of EGM, or tuned in to this week's cover story, 1UP FM is here to deliver our Mirror's Edge impressions all up in your ear canal with help from Giancarlo Varanini and Matt Leone. We also talk Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning happenings for our Story of the Week with Demian Linn and Anthony Gallegos, the Top 5 Most Attractive Non-Sexualized Woman in Games with Scott Sharkey, Mailbag with Tina Sanchez and special guest Erin Ali, and the third Indigo Prophecy Backlog with the gang."

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