MTV Multiplayer: 'Resistance 2' Co-Op And Campaign Impressions - At Long Last

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"At a rooftop party a couple of blocks north of MTV headquarters in Manhattan, yesterday, Sony reps showed off three of the four big C's featured in the upcoming PS3 first-person-shooter "Resistance 2": Campaign, Co-op and Competitive multiplayer. (All but Competitive have mostly been kept from reporters until now, even though the game's out in less than two months.)

I tried two of the three modes offered and learned a lot about how the most feature-rich first-person-shooter since "Halo 3" is shaping up.

First, I played co-op with seven other reporters and game developers. We played as humans in a mission against the invading alien Chimera, our squad of eight against a relentless horde. This mode is the one that developers at the game's studio, Insomniac, claim is the most novel and distinct from other games in the genre. It is a bit different."

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Flops ''R'' Us3560d ago

Sounds like Resistance 2 is made full of win

Flops ''R'' Us3560d ago

Along with wipEoutHD,LBP,Motorstorm,and dozens of other Playstation 3 exclusives

Flops ''R'' Us3560d ago

After reading that its clear Resistance 2>>>Halo+Gears combined