Kotaku: Resistance 2 Brings MMO Sensibilities to the World of Shooter Coop

Kotaku writes: "Resistance 2 offers gamers a suite of experiences, a collection of modes that alone feel almost like stand-alone titles, but together compliment each other in a way that gives the shooter some major staying power.

Yesterday Insomniac president Ted Price told a gathering of game writers that their upcoming shooter will be the studio's "biggest and best game we've ever made."

And it's not just because the developer feels they hit it out of the ballpark with the game's single-player experience, or that they think their game offers the deepest multiplayer competitive mode around. It's also because the game's cooperative mode, which seems to tap into the dungeon-crawling, monster-bashing roots of massively multiplayer online games."

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cemelc3527d ago

This game is going to be the Best FPS of 2008.

NipGrip3527d ago

And Kotaku apparently just praised an upcoming PS3 game. It's the end of days!

NipGrip3527d ago

"Unlike in the other modes, players start the game by choosing one of three archetypes: medic, special ops or soldier. The soldier is your basic tank with the ability to throw up a shield and chew through enemies with a heavy chaingun. Medics have the ability to shoot a Ghostbusters-esque stream of light that either sucks life away from a bad guy or heals a good one. Special ops come armed with a long-distance weapon and instead of throwing grenades they lob ammo packs.

On first blush the mode looks an awful lot like a World of Warcraft instance, but without the loot. A group of eight huddle around one another, healing, reloading and shooting as they work as a team toward a single objective."

Sounds incredibly awesome and fun. Juuken, want to team up? :D

Raoh3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

pre order like a mofo

i wish socom came out in september, with socom mid october, LBP late october and Resistance 2 early november..........

my girlfriend may have to move in and pay my bills so i can be a stay at home gamer...


it's because of this game and lines like this

"Coop can support upwards of 100 enemies in a single frame, so the name of the game is sticking close together and supporting one another."

that i dont mind not having access to left 4 dead..

HB-Sauce3527d ago

I wish they would bundle that mic that is with Socom with R2,I can see alot of people buying mics for the co-op aspect of the game.