UGO: Resistance 2 Single Player Hands-On

UGO writes: "Resistance 2 is almost upon us. Among the litany of shooters and other action titles that we're all anxiously waiting to be overwrought with this fall, Resistance 2 is making an incredibly strong case for our holiday dollars. Just last week, I went hands-on with all three of the game's play modes (single player, co-op, and multiplayer) and I've just got one thing to say: Whatever complaints you had about Resistance: Fall of Man, you'll be hard pressed to feel the same way about this year's follow up.

Everything about Resistance 2 is bigger, badder, and all around better than it's precursor. Insomniac Games have learned quite a bit about taming the wild stallion that is the PS3 and it's noticeable in all the finer details that pop up in the game. Locations are packed with at least twice the foliage and debris, the scripted events are just as intense as we've seen in any of the Call of Duty titles, and we're finally teased with more information about the worldwide Chimeran threat."

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