New Lair Screens

New screenshots of upcoming PS3 title Lair have hit the net. This amazing high flying dragon rider game will definitly have gamers excited and waiting anxiously.

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nice_cuppa4294d ago

and no game play pics i see.
camera should be behind the dragon.

DJ4294d ago

In Motorstorm, you can freely rotate the camera Around the vehicle. We already saw gameplay footage of this title at TGS and the camera actually switches positions depending on your actions, such as dragon-to-dragon combat.

These screens are actually from the October build, but having direct feed screens is nice.

nice_cuppa4294d ago

when will this get reviewed ?

Andrew32ta4294d ago

Wow you can actually turn the camera ? To bad the game suck and look like a old ps2 game.

Antan4294d ago

Do us all a favor, cum back when you have masstered the use of the inglish languige!

Don`t be another dipstick fanboy, far to many on here as it is! Why people cannot just embrace all consoles is beyond me!

Genki4294d ago

Are these in-game for sure? I certainly hope so, as it's a significant improvement over the previous build. I don't remember the lighting looking this good. For some reason though, the detail of the dragon seems to break down as the camera zooms out. Still looking fantastic though.

I still have my concerns for this game, I hope the entire adventure fully realizes the ambition of the project.

djtek1844294d ago

i can see an improvement.i hope lair can delivers on its promise.

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The story is too old to be commented.