Witcher Author's Short-Sighted Decision Screws Him Out Of Tons of Money

The Witcher series collectively are some of the greatest RPGs of the last few years – perhaps even of all time. The Witcher 3 especially has racked up tons of sales and tons of awards. Unfortunately, the author of the book series the games are based on is not really making any money.

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Nu422d ago

"We're not here to f spiders and Bobs your uncle"

cpayne93422d ago

He has really trashed the games and gaming in general in the past.

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headpress423d ago

Is he still alive. Would have jumped already :) All those millions

Captain_Mushroom422d ago

"short-sighted". easy to speak, now, after the success of the franchise, but who the hell could have predicted said popularity, all the way back in... 2003? 2004? don't remember the exact year, but it's around that time. i'd say to stop with these sensationalist titles, but who am i kidding...

oof46422d ago

Reminds me of the guy who inspired Stallone to write the original Rocky. He was offered a lump sum or a percentage of the films profits. Like the author, he took a lump sum and later came to regret it.

Cobra951422d ago

That's just it. Do you take the sure money, or do you gamble it away on a future possibility? That's a tough choice even when you feel good about future success.

Derceto422d ago

Right. I'm sure life is real rough for him.

captainexplosion422d ago

Yeah, it must suck being a famous author,

nitus10422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

CD Projekt RED has always given credit to the Author of the Witcher books so he (Andrzej Sapkowski) can capitalize on book sales.

When a company has plans to create a game or movie based on a book or series of books it is up to the author or his/her lawyers to negotiate the terms and conditions associated with the use of the story in the games or movies.

HRoach616422d ago

I'm sure game sales have translated into book sales. Obviously it's not a huge percentage but I mean I bought 2 books after playing the third game. I can't be the only one who did that


Undoubtedly. Most of the books were a decade old when the first game was released...

And none of them were available in the English language till the games became successful.

omgitsruthless422d ago

I think Lady of The Lake was just released in English. So the books were definitely not translated.

medman422d ago

Read this and question this author and his sanity.....seriously.

That is one small minded man.

ShadowWolf712422d ago

He-uh... he has a legitimate gripe here.

There's nothing small-minded about this. People ditched his books because they think he's writing them based off the games now, and others stopped reading because they weren't based on the games. They started using game designs and graphics on the covers which don't always match up with his in-book descriptions. Etc.

What, is he supposed to just throw his vision to the side and be ultra happy that's happening?

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