Mass Effect Andromeda 4K GTX 1080 Ti

Here’s a look at the opening moments of Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda 4K running at Ultra settings using a GTX 1080 Ti (not overclocked). As you can see the performance is all over the place but maintaining above 30 frames per second at all times which is fine for a game of this type.

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KionicWarlord222268d ago

This game doesn't run on ultra 4K at 60 fps.

Mass Effect Andromeda dev said it would PLUS frames.

Add that to the Bioware clown pile.

TacticAce267d ago

resolution scale is your friend...

bunt-custardly267d ago

When being economical with the truth.

watchem267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Those Pingo lips....god dammit!

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