Resident Evil 7 Was Originally Much More Like Resident Evil 6

It was Resident Evil 7 executive producer Jun Takeuchi's idea to focus on horror and change the camera perspective.

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naruga603d ago

and you created a trash...i could buy RE6 Seconds easily instead of this lame game you released...i had fun with 6 and even had good replaybility value with its good mercenary mode

pietro1212603d ago

RE6 was nothing than garbage, I'm glad they went in thid this direction.

naruga603d ago

^^ yes i said the exact same thing ...i m callng trash the game RE 7 ended to be

naruga601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

i didnt understand pietro12 reply and i replied with a nosense .....RE6 no matter the quality remains a fun Resident Evil ......RE7 is NOT a Resident Evil all the fans can just shallow now the abomination Capcom released and you played it and realising that i was right..the game is a badly made FPS mockery

_-EDMIX-_601d ago

Sometimes I wonder if Konami is paying you to say this


601d ago
SolidGear3601d ago

Holy mackerel! You're still gabbing on about this? The game was a critical and commercial success. Very few share your opinion!

Lionalliance601d ago

Sorry to break to ya, but RE7 was hugely successful both critical and commercially than RE6 lol :P

Cha0tik601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

RE7 is so much better than the trash known as RE6.

UCForce601d ago

Then you are just a selfish and idiot. I'm sorry to say that, but your attitude are very reckless. It's like you don't want to give people a second chance.

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il-JumperMT601d ago

I want whatever you are smoking

PlayableGamez-601d ago

RE7 is a great game in it's own respect.
Personally I didn't like it at first because I thought it was going to play like Outlast, but after the first 1st hour, the game turns into a classic Resident Evil with elements from all Resident Evils, but also with new elements that keeps it fresh.

UCForce601d ago

Also, you need to stop being naive.

we420601d ago

How is RE7 not RE? Because it has a different camera perspective? Then I guess Fallout 3 isn't Fallout and GTA 3 isn't GTA.

UCForce601d ago

Even you are older than me, but your mind is like 12 years old child.

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NovusTerminus601d ago

I really liked RE6, it was a poor Resident Evil, but I wish the playstyle would have been used again in a new I.P

Kosic601d ago

Doesn't the evil within play a lot like re4-5-6?

_-EDMIX-_601d ago


It's actually a survival horror with limited elements.

Summons75601d ago

Well it's a good thing they changed their mind. That would have been game over for the series if it had been like 6.

Spike20XX601d ago

people that call it trash, it's people that haven't played it, simple as that

greywolf39601d ago

Well, on metacritic between re6 and 7 there is TOO small difference in score, but re6 earned Capcom much more money than 7 did. This re7 is a great game mind me, but it is not a resident evil. There are no over the top action like in 1,2,3, code veronica. No iconic Re characters, NO ZOMBIES. I say again i do like re7 a lot, but it is not near as good as previous re titles

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