Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Committed to Working with Japanese Publishers; Talks JRPGs, ReCore and More

Phil Spencer talks about his recent trip to Japan, Japanese games and first Chinese [email protected] title.

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FallenAngel1984513d ago

Xbox 360 got a number of exclusive/timed exclusive Japanese titles and most of them still flopped. Why would the situation be any different for Xbox One.

freshslicepizza513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

it wont make much difference but you guys keep whining about lack of diversity on the xbox yet dont buy them. he is also talking about japanese games that do well outside of japan like final fantasy because the xbox still has quite a big market (estimates are at 27 million).

FITgamer513d ago

As much time as you spend on N4G it's safe to assume to you don't buy any Xbox One games at all. Do your part.

freshslicepizza513d ago

"As much time as you spend on N4G it's safe to assume to you don't buy any Xbox One games at all. Do your part."

i dont buy xbox one games but i did buy halo wars 2 on the pc, what did you buy?

Apocalypse Shadow513d ago

Nice fit gamer. That was a burn like the Horizon zero dawn blast sling burn. He does a lot of defending Xbox which is fine. But claims he's a *PC* gamer. It's like "which is it man?" Lol!

On topic:

Phil should just do what seems to make more sense which is to work with more PC developers in porting their games to Xbox one. If Xbox is considered a more online centric system, then bring some of the top PC games and online games over with cross play to PC.

Even though they shunned games in the past like FFXI, True fantasy live online, Marvel Universe online, etc. If they are trying to promote Xbox live, they should have worked on getting games like this over to Xbox.But again, they canceled Fable Legends, canceled Scale Bound.

It's good that he's supposedly going to Japan to get Japanese support. But um.... ***You don't go there mid generation looking for it.***. Should have been something done before this generation started. Or, as soon as he became chief, he should have gone there after turning around the initial stupidity of those possible launch policies by going to Japan to make sure his alliances and reliance on Japanese third parties were solid.

Either that or he should have funded a wholly owned and funded Japanese studio or studios to **make** Japanese games for Xbox one. It good to try. But it is a fail to go there years later asking for help. If this is the same guy who said

***In a keynote address, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s games division, announced five new partnerships with Japanese studios and declared the country’s creativity as key to the Xbox 360 console’s future.

“Japanese games are the games that the world loves to play,” Spencer said, noting the Japanese origins of classic arcade games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.***

What happened Phil? This was 2010!!! You're the man in charge and you're just getting around to asking them over 3 years in from launch? What's his excuse? He's supposed to be THE MAN. He's not game division leader anymore. He's supposed to be THE LEADER.

jznrpg513d ago

Not many games to buy that are Japanese and most are on PS4 as well.

TheColbertinator513d ago

Let it be known that FITgamer is the real deal

S2Killinit513d ago

That was the response of the century.

notachance513d ago

@FITgamer it's not that he don't buy any XB1 games, it's just that there isn't really anything to buy at all on the XB1

MasterCornholio513d ago


Dang you have been playing tons of games.


I can see why you own a PlayStation.

UltraNova513d ago

Moldy must be still crying after Fit gamer's response...

freshslicepizza512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

i was actually the first one the hit agree on fitgamer, thats because he puts his money where his mouth is unlike many of you guys who act like you are all of the sudden pc gamers because microsoft is putting their games on the pc. just another excuse to use it as bait in your never ending console wars quest. ironically when apaocalypse questioned if i actually did support the pc i proved i did and low and behold he magically left that topic and never returned.

kreate512d ago

its too little too late to bring jrpgs on x1. ill take it though. but its literally not gonna do anything for the Xbox at this stage.

if they are taking gaming seriously, they need to buy/open more studios. not throw money around like what they did with tomb raider.

jaymacx512d ago

I buy them... i bought blue dragon, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean, and ffxiii (complete series) all on xbox360. Truth is PS4 has consistently had jrpg support and xbox has not . So where do you think people who love jrpgs will go? No bias here. If xbox gets more diversity i will support it.

chris235512d ago

and how many of these 27 million are in the US and how many of these only use the box for tv subscription and media stuff? in the past microsoft made an effort to conquer the living room by all means. they sacrificed their core business - the games - for it. i would like to buy a box, but i feel about microsoft the same way as i feel about nintendo: that i am not their target group. pity. but the sad truth. they thought they could cheat their way to the audiences. but all they accomplished was hurting themselves bigtime.

TheCommentator512d ago

Angelic, change is important if it happens. It's true that MS needed to keep up with 1st party software during the 360 days... but they didn't. Now all of you guys who desperately want MS to have more games are moving the goal posts, again, to say that MS shouldn't change now because it's not a good time?

It's clear that Scorpio is the beginning of something new for MS, so it is a "good time". They know that HW alone won't do much, and it shows with all the recent news and suggestions about games. You don't have to believe the change is on the horizon though, because it will occur regardless of what you believe.

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FallenAngel1984513d ago

I'd like to see the diversity on every platform, but I also like to see the success of such diversity to encourage publishers and developers to justify continued support

Obscure_Observer513d ago


At least he´s trying to make Xbox One better bringing more japanese dev support. What are YOU doing?

MasterCornholio513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Shouldn't Phil have started this earlier though? I can imagine having Japanese developer support would have benefitted the system greatly from the beginning.

Not that I'm saying it would fix the consoles situation in Japan but at least it would make all those PC/PS4 Japanese games come to Xbox as well.

P.S Just so everyone knows PC=\= to Xbox. Bringing Japanese games to the Windows store or to Xbox itself is what I was making a reference to.

Mr-Dude512d ago

There are still people who like JRPG on their Xbox, nothing wrong with that. It's not like every PS owner likes JRPGS. It is good that he tries to bring these games to Xbox. Those niche games need their sales, instead of those rehash games we get every year.

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PapaBop513d ago

I like Phil and think he's the perfect boss for Xbox BUT.. it's time to put up or shut up. Saying you're committed means absolutely nothing unless it translates to exclusives in the way of games or content. Having said that though, at this point, if you're a fan of JRPGs or Japanese games in general, you're going to be a PS gamer.

513d ago
sinspirit513d ago

Yep, we've been waiting on his changes to come this whole generation. The only changes were to retract the changes they already made. Which is in response to consumer response, not his presence. I think he's okay. But, at the end of the day, MS isn't consumer friendly and operates purely as a business rather than trying to find passion in the industry. They lack morals, interest, and vision. I want MS to earn our money. Because, they have so much potential that if they honestly wanted to serve their customers and hire passionate partners then they would do a lot of good.

korgun512d ago

For god's sake, the damn Switch outsold Xbox One lifetime sales on launch day and people think there is a chance in Japan.

mcstorm512d ago

@PapaBop I agree with you but there is a lot of changes he/microsoft need to make to the xbox and this takes time. I think in the background they have been working on things to put in place once Scoripo comes out. Adding things like cross play, Windows 10, DirectX ect has been part of putting the ip's out now Scoripo is on the way. Alittle bit like Nintendo doing with the Switch. I just hope they manage to keep the IP's coming for the xbox one to. He has done a great job turning the xbox sales around and ok they are not outselling the ps4 but I don't think that was the target when he took over but to get the xbox name back out there again.
Japan will always be a hard place to crack for the xbox brand but by making the games on box xbox and windows 10 gives that game a good chance of selling well.

Its a wait and see a the moment though as we don't know to much how Microsoft and Phil are going to take things.

rainslacker512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

You could be on Steam too. PC has been getting a lot of JRPG love in the past 5 years. If it had had that 15-20 years ago, I'd probably be more into PC today....but I digress.

Granted, PS does seem to get a lot more games sooner, but PC has it's fair share of exclusive Japanese content that gets smaller localizations which are probably out of reach on consoles due to the higher licensing costs to publish a game on consoles.

But I do agree with you otherwise. PS4, Vita, and 3DS are probably the best places to get the higher profile or mid-tier JRPG's as soon as possible.

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Bathyj513d ago

Of course he is. It's just not vice versa.

jznrpg513d ago

MS just tries to react after they make their mistakes , but things change and they may always play catch up . Seems like they are going in circles or 360 hoho. It takes many years to produce greag studios and also the right culture/support system , I doubt they ever get close to producing what Sony has now studio wise , it could take a decade or more to do that and MS won't have that.

spaceb0y513d ago

I want this commitment translate into games

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