Looking Back At Duke Nukem: Forever writes:

''Duke Nukem Forever, the game that acted as a punchline for years. It’s more than just a game, Duke Nukem Forever is truly a landmark in video game history…for the wrong reasons. Development hell is not exactly rare in any media, especially video games.''

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cberg25633d ago

A terrible game, but a fascinating case of how game development can go absolutely astray.

PixelGateUk633d ago

I always see it as a historic piece, mainly how a game made for the late 90s became alien upon release in the 10's

Swiftfox633d ago

The game we all played had zero in common with the various abandoned versions of the game developed previously. The game's single player itself was developed over a two year period (Starting in around 2008-2009) from scratch by Piranha Games using no existing assets from previous attempts. This information can be found in Duke Nuke'm Forever in the extra's section.

MasterCornholio633d ago

This and Aliens Colonial Marines were real stink bombs from Gearbox.

zb1ftw777633d ago

I found this game funny.

Which is what made it an enjoyable experience.

Technically terrible. But enjoyable nonetheless.

Garethvk633d ago

Considering they had to cobble all sorts of parts into a finished game, I thought it was ok and sort of a nostalgic look at old shooters.