Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's Approach To Gender Diversity And Inclusion

Game Informer: "Naughty Dog tells us why they believe diversity is important to tell stories like The Lost Legacy."

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Alexious608d ago

Interesting read. I like the Nadine/Chloe pairing!

naruga608d ago

i say good luck with Nadine in protagonistic/deuteragonistic role.....i ll pass

AspiringProGenji607d ago

Good luck to you too! We will enjoy this! hopefully you are the others one day get over your insecurities

Highlife607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

I fine with the pairing and will get it but tired of the patting on the back when it comes to this. Does it really need to be a big deal. It is 2017 right

bluefox755607d ago

Nadine is just a mediocre character. I think Cutter would have been a much better choice, but oh well.

AuditorGamer607d ago

@ AspriringProGenji

Naruga simply stated his opinion and you attack him personally by saying he has insecurities? Typical SJW logic: if someone doesn't agree with something PC, you name call and label. You should be kicked off this site for being such a closed-minded prick.

GtR35olution607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

"-Foxtrot14h ago
Why? Compared to Cutter and Sully who would have been better suited they forced a badly developed character like Nadine in because really she wasn't created as a character but as a statement Neil used to please people like Anita and her femanazi followers

Like Sam being shoe horned into Uncharted 4, the last ever game, Nadine doesn't belong in this.

This should have been the true send off for characters who were left out of U4 when they prioritised Sam over long term characters.

Take that as you well but I think deep down people know this...they just think if they admit it then it somehow means they are saying "the game was shit" when that's not the case at all "

What an entitled idiot some people are. Uncharted 4 and dlcs stories were written years ago. Uncharted 4 is the game naughty dog wanted. You seem like part of the lot that believes Nadine shouldnt have been able to beat up drake and his brother without getting touched even though shes a trained mercenary. Its silly to think characters are shoehorned in games when the games are the ideas of the developers. Ill be buying uncharted the lost legacy day one.

AspiringProGenji607d ago (Edited 607d ago )


"i say good luck with Nadine in protagonistic/deuteragonistic role"

I mean good luck for what? Is this character gonna ruin our lives or break the game? It is the people againts diversity and calling pandering everywhere that want their own views in game they aren't even helping to make. "Get nadine out of the game, Add this character instead."

If Naughty Dog wants to explore a different kind of character, then let them do so. We will have to wait and see how they deliver, but being this exaggerated even before the game goes gold is just being insecure

tyasia0607d ago (Edited 607d ago )


LoL how typically hypocritical, you get mad because he calls someone insecure talking about how he's using names and labels, but then you turn right around and call him an SJW and a closed minded prick.

DashArrivals607d ago

So why are you passing on a game made by ND?
Seriously curious?
I friggin' HATE SJW's but I'm going to play a damned game made by Nuaghty Dog no matter what. I don't give a crap who the story is about, just I care if it's a good story

TheArkatek607d ago

Im with you on that man. Im sick of this lgbt bullshit agenda pushing garbage. KEEP IT OUT OF MY GAMES AND SCHOOLS

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-Foxtrot608d ago

Why? Compared to Cutter and Sully who would have been better suited they forced a badly developed character like Nadine in because really she wasn't created as a character but as a statement Neil used to please people like Anita and her femanazi followers

Like Sam being shoe horned into Uncharted 4, the last ever game, Nadine doesn't belong in this.

This should have been the true send off for characters who were left out of U4 when they prioritised Sam over long term characters.

Take that as you well but I think deep down people know this...they just think if they admit it then it somehow means they are saying "the game was shit" when that's not the case at all

Eonjay607d ago

I like her. You sound crazy. She doesn't belong in this? Like what does that mean she is a character in a video game. The politics are in your head. Do you really think these guys care about pleasing Anita? They don't and you should stop caring about her and her followers too like I did. And what is wrong with Sam now? I mean you guys hate everything. You even hate femanazi's like that is a real thing or something I would even give two seconds thinking about... I wouldn't give them any thought, but you give them your energy. I think you are setting yourself up to lose your shit whenever someone says diversity... because that is what you have been programmed to do. I like Nadine and Sam as side/main characters and I never gave it much more thought than that. Its an action adventure.. doesn't have to be political unless you allow it to be that way for you. You guys are getting so bad, i could actually monetize your triggers and I'm sure the people you think are SJW are already doing that.

EmperorDalek607d ago

Yeah flippen hell, Cutter was awesome. I was incredibly disappointed to find out Nadine has a major part, instead of him.

AspiringProGenji607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

If Sam or Nadine don't belong in this, neither does Cutter by that logic. Every Uncharted game introduces a new character out of nowhere. Even Cutter had to go earlier in U3 because the actor had to go. At least Sam and Nadine stuck until the end and Sam was better introduced. When did the Series care to explain Cutter and his origins?

Chloe is the protagonist and Nadine is her sidekick. I like the pairing too! Every of those caracter that "belong in this series" already had their run. Also who is to say Cutter won't be in this as well? Maybe he will, and if not then whatever.

HeisenbergX607d ago

@-Foxtrot dude i agree with all that you are saying i don't like Nadine and i don't give a shit about her .. i hated her in UC4 those fights with her are just cringe ughh .. But Sam needed to be in UC4 otherwise what reason would Nate had to go back into treasure hunting world ?? Why do you hate that so much it needed to be done.. and i liked Cutter but Sam is a 10 times better and more interesting character than him :) so the 'shoehorning' is fine in this case.

Pintheshadows607d ago

Maybe Cutter isn't in it because he is getting therapy for his claustrophobia issue.

bluefox755607d ago

Druckmann prioritizes diversity and inclusion. Nadine wasn't a bad character, but she wasn't a very good one either. This really seems like a missed opportunity on ND's part.

Movefasta1993607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

You say that fox, but the writing for uc3 was terrible, the plot and the main villain were both weak .UC4 had a solid story and it's clear that Neil is the superior writer .sam was waaay better than cutter and rafe was infinitely better than that old lady (yeah I forgot her name because she was or they made her forgettable). Uc4 was the best game in the series single player wise

-Foxtrot607d ago (Edited 607d ago )


Crazy? No.

Yeah she doesn't. She was a character made to make a statement unlike someone like Cutter who felt like part of the Universe. He only took a quick way out of the game because issues came up with his actor...that's all but even then he felt like he was part of the Uncharted Universe. Nadine doesn't though, she never does anything interesting or does anything which makes you care for her, I mean she beat the living shit out of Nate and Sam solo and when they ganged up on her yet she was STILL a problem. How many bloody people have they faced who are just as experienced as her if not a little more yet they don't have much of a problem with them, they struggle and get out of some fights by luck but they still hold their own at least...these guys couldn't even get a few punches in before she literally laid into them. None of the characters in the past games have been like that, none and yet suddenly she's capable of that. It would be different if Nate was Sully's age and was weaker but he wasn't. Yet in the end she was the first person to just walk away without anything bad happening to her. Give me a break man.

Yeah they do care about pleasing her because Neil really f****** likes her and is a total feminist aswell. There's a reason she was a bloody super soldier in this game and got away with her life in the end.

The problem with Nadine is that really she wasn't needed, that character development could have been given to Rafe to make us care more about him...hell if it was up to me and I knew it was the last ever Uncharted game I would have made it come full circle and made it so he hired Rika Raja. She would have built up the army herself with the money she got from the Eye on Indra and would at least had more of a history with not only Nate but with us aswell...she would have been a throw back to her brother in Drakes Fortune when he was on an Island setting...maybe give her a similar death, that would have been poetic.

Instead of actually arguing these points to why Nadine is a good character you just literally droned on about the feminists and SJW issues which was like a fraction of my original comment above.

Point is Charlie Cutter with his brief appearance in Uncharted 3 was made out to have a good history with Chloe and made it seem like they had a Nate/Sully dynamic. I always said if there was ever a DLC for Uncharted 3 or 4 then I'd want to see these characters together as it would make the most sense. Sully could have been included since again he had a thing for Chloe. The fact Nadine would know Chloe or would just so happen be the person out of allllllll the freelance mercenaries in the world that Chloe chose to hire is just too much of a coincidence


What about if Rafe was shot in the prison and Nate left him thinking he was dead...similar story but it would just be those two. Someone he met in the St Francis Boys home and grew close with like they were brothers. Rafe having been left by Nate is fueled by anger for years and vows when he gets out he would get revenge. He then destroys Nates home, steals the clue to the treasure they were hunting, ruins his job and almost kills Elena.

It is here Nate and Elena know they will never be safe as long as he is out there and decide to find the treasure first to get revenge and hopefully use the money to set up a new life. They ask Sully to help them "one last time" along with Chloe/Cutter and they go to take him out Created that story in 5 minutes, I'm sure ND could have done better. Sam and the long lost brother plot hole didn't need to exist.

Movefasta1993607d ago

I would have preferred cutter/Chloe over nadine/Chloe by far , nadine was meh . Or sully/Sam would have been awesome too

Why o why607d ago

I'll make my judgement when the game comes out. I'll leave the decision making and story arc to naughty dog. They've earned it and are seasoned in video game story telling. Let's see how they flesh out these characters before we downplay a story we know next to nothing about.

-Foxtrot607d ago

@Why o why

The story telling in Uncharted 4 was pretty weak

Who the hell does a "long lost brother" storyline FOUR GAMES IN, where they've never once hinted at the idea and even gave out the impression during the last game that Nate was an only child for the last ever game in the series which means you'd have to spend 80% of the story to make us care for the shoe horned character like Sam rather then making a story to give the characters who have been in it from the start a proper send off. There was a lack of Elena and Sully action in this game and for the last even Uncharted game that sucks.

Then you have the fact that in Uncharted 4 you had this "I learnt the grappling hook gameplay feature from my big bro I've never once hinted or talked about but now I'm going to use it in this entire game despite never using it in any of the previous games"

Even with Tenzin in Uncharted 2 during the Ice Cave level...despite Tenzin using a grappling hook he never mentioned it or did it much himself. I know they didn't know about Uncharted 4 since it was only Uncharted 2 but why do that as a story plot point in Uncharted 4 when you knew it would cause small plot holes.

Skankinruby607d ago

You're nuts, neither Cutter or Sully would have made an ounce of sense as a lead role. Cutter has no spine to run an adventure and Sully is just too damn old. Chloe is the only one who could have pulled this off, and wether Nadine gets fitted in right or not is up in the air but it surely isn't the propoganda you're implying. Every story to every sequel ever made leaves an opening for the silly 'shoe horn' accusation. Sams role wasn't force fed at all, him never being mentioned in previous entries changes nothing on that. There are countless angles you can put on a long lost family member to branch a story that make perfect sense, and without Sam a 4th uncharted would have made no sense as Drake was already settling down with a woman. I get you don't like the moves they took but your criticism is nothing more than your opinion.

DashArrivals607d ago

BUT you don't even know if the actual story is good or not.
Sorry, but you're being a coksucker.
I hate SJW people so much, but I don't give a crap who is in the story, just I care if the story is good and that it's made by Naughty Dog.
BUT, I would have preferred Cutter, he was awesome :-D

-Foxtrot607d ago (Edited 607d ago )



You're the one who is nuts if you think Cutter or Sully couldn't be in this

Sully is obviously not old enough he can't do anything, he seemed he was ready to go the extra mile in Uncharted 4 but obviously Sam shoved his character aside. Cutter would have been following Chloe so spine or not he'd be the number 2 in the partnership with Chloe leading.

"propoganda you're implying"

Look up Neils views on Anita and feminism in general. You can tell Nadine is a reflection of that.

"Every story to every sequel ever made leaves an opening for the silly 'shoe horn' accusation"

Not a GOD DAMN BROTHER we've heard nothing about. I could get away easily if Sam was another acquittance of Nates who he knew in the past but a brother...get real. If Harry Potter brought in Harry's long lost brother in the last film or Frodo's long lost sister in Lord of the Rings Return of the King then people would be slating the shit out of them for poor story telling...and you would aswell. You all make out ND can't do anything wrong, it's getting annoying on here now...even the official forums are more open and critical then here. That's worrying.

Like I said above this whole "without Sam there'd be no Uncharted 4" is complete f***** bullshit. You guys think ND was like backed into a tiny corner and this was the only way they could have done it.

I've just listed above an idea off the top of my head I made up in FIVE MINUTES as I typed. It's not amazing but the point is you could invent so many ways of them bringing Nate back for another adventure. If you honestly think this was the only way then what you are really saying is "Naughty Dog aren't creative"...which is bullshit.

Skankinruby607d ago

Did I say they couldn't be in it? I said they would be absolutely ridiculous as a lead character. Anybody can play the tag along, but even in that alone there was multiple scenarios that made it clear Sully could barely keep up.

And as far as your outbursts about a new character being his brother you can type in caps all you want it changes NOTHING to the fact that aside from Sully Drake's personal history was never a factor in this series so bringing in Sam was NOT a left field decision.

And yes I read your '5 minute' plot scenario. You wanna talk about plot holes? Do you really think, after all the psychotic villains Drake has carelessly ran through that the fear of one of them wanting vengeance would be a driving factor to put a pause on sailing in the sunset with Elena? You are out of your mind, rescuing a loved one is the only thing that made any sense for 'one last time'. You can pound your chest all you want but you absolutely nothing here but a silly arrogant uninspired opinion.

xenz607d ago

Foxtrot... jesus christ man. Bad story? Badly written characters? I would love to hear what games you play, because Uncharted for me has much better story and characters than any other game out there.

I hope you are trolling, but if not you should know that most gamers share different opinions than you.

WelkinCole606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

Exactly. SJW are freaking annoying but the anti are getting just as annoying.

God I hate bloody politics in game. Stop it with the BS and leave us gamers to play games in peace.

I honestly don't give a shit if ND are trying to push whatever is the flavor of the day thing because I don't care because it does not affect me. As long as the game is good which it will because ND. That really is all I care about.

Rachel_Alucard606d ago


The fact that Neil Drukmann puts Diversity on the same level of importance as gameplay, story, and graphics tells you all you need to know about his priorities. Also, the time when they had a few playtesters who were extensivley upset over the one-sided Nadine fights where in all of them you only ever get to punch her once in the game and its shown as a push. Lastly, when they removed Fat drake from the game all because "it's laughing at someone elses expense and immature." These people clearly are not in the same mind and approach they were to gaming 5 years ago.

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Mr-Dude607d ago

Although I didn't like Nadine, to tomboy imo. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the game, and I am gonna enjoy this too.

SeanScythe607d ago

I'm so sick of this Diversity And Inclusion B.S. that SJW groups have forced upon us. How about putting good characters in because they are good characters? Not because of race or sex, normally when a game pushes an agenda for groups like that I tend to skip the game or buy it used.

ILostMyMind607d ago

Nadine and Chloe are not good characters?

Pintheshadows607d ago

Read his comment again. He never said that. Not even close.

SeanScythe607d ago

Please read what I wrote, don't partial read and jump to conclusions.

bloop607d ago

Couldn't agree more SeanScythe. The way things are going it will soon get to the point where there just won't be any straight male protagonists in anything anymore. Then what will happen?? We'll have to have a masculism movement to try and get straight male characters "included" for diversity!! It's all a joke.

Silly gameAr606d ago

You guys are getting super defensive.

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curtis92607d ago

I mean it's a fictional game. They literally have to choose what the characters look like. Sounds kind of like you're saying "just making everyone white and be done with it." Yeah? If they're doing a concept for a character, the discussion of race, gender. religion will come up. It's part of making a character interesting. You're focusing WAY too much on WHY they made a character instead of just enjoying WHO a character is. You're a SJW just on the flip side.

SeanScythe607d ago

You're an idiot not listening to anything anyone is saying. Putting in characters that are not needed for the sole reason of checking a box to say yep we included that gender/race/sex/etc is insulting. If the character fits the role or story then yes put them in the game. But don't do it just to say you did it for social reasons.

ILostMyMind607d ago

He'll say that you did not understand what he wrote. "Read again"

Allsystemgamer607d ago

You completely missed what he was saying. Making a character a race or gender for the sake of it or choosing a character over another due to the same characteristics is not right. It never feels natural and is actually racist/sexist. Forcing this stuff just reaffirms the bigotry of low expectations. Meaning "I believe said race/gender needs to be in this because they CANT do it on their own." This strips them of all individuality and stick them below yourself.

If it doesn't serve the story don't do it.

At this point we don't know the story but I wasn't a fan of Nadine. Love Chloe but Nadine wasn't all that great.


You didn't read what he said. That's clear as day.

ZombieGamerMan607d ago

curtis92 you know I agree with what you say there, when it comes to character design yes a lot of time they do have to decide on race, gender and sexual orientation (not sure about religion) but right now we have a problem where I think we just don't now anymore when it's being done because hat is what the devs want to do or because of SJW bullshit because we have fought these people for so long and we are still fighting it that the lines are blurred. I'm going to get this because I love the character of Chloe but that's why so many people take issue when this topics rears up, we don't want SJW feminist agendas pushed in our games. We don't want forced inclusion or diversity, we are open to all of these when it's natural but it's hard to tell when it is and when it isn't, we've gazed into the abyss and it gazes back at us.

Goldby607d ago

@Allsystem gamers

"If it doesn't serve the story don't do it."

So then we can take Nathan Drake out. his wise cracking indiana jonesing and white male status dont serve the story.

Everyone seems to think that LGBT/SJW must ahve something to do with the story to be legitamate.

Im sorry when was it a requirement? when was the last time you walked into any store, restaurant business or place and demand to know what each and everyone's sexual orientation is so you may knwo whether or not they are there for the sake of it or actually... want to be there.

You dont go into a doctors office and demand to know if they are gay or not. and guess what, it has absolutely nothign to do with the quality of their work. you may know that they are gay, but again, doesn't effect you in any way. except getting your panties in a bunch.

just becuase they are being represented now doesn't mean thety are being pushed on you. image for the last 20 years all the LGBT gamers who have had straight white male agenda pushed on them....

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bluefox755607d ago

Same, it's a cancer that is even effecting top tier devs like ND.

uth11607d ago

Where are the one-legged amputee on crutches protagonists? Handicapped need representation too.

Why is diversity always defined as skin color or gender? Seems like a pretty shallow way of looking at people to me.

InTheZoneAC607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

Diversity around here is race, gender, and involving gays . I would've said sexual preference but it's about the gays really

The 10th Rider607d ago

This is one thing that really gets me. The feminist movement claims women make 20 cents less on average than men . . . But the statistic is highly misleading as it merely compares all men over 32 hours to all women over 32 hours and does not take into account ANY variables whatsoever . . . not even extra hours worked. The statistic is complete bullcrap yet people parade it around and believe it anyways. On the flipside you have people that can hardly even get jobs because of (sometimes) minor disabilities and people don't even talk about it. It just goes to show how much of a farce these movements are.

607d ago
DashArrivals607d ago

That's true. Just write a good story. That's it. NEVER think "we should really write something with that black character because this"
Just write what you feel and want. The story will be better. Don't go out of your way. Let the creative juice flow whatever way they flow.

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Kurdishcurse607d ago

I find this forced and cringe inducing. Want someone who can do a female protag right? Gurilla games.

Eonjay607d ago

Okay so why is this cringe worthy. What makes it so bad. I don't understand the logic. You have all been taken over by SJW and bigots and you hate her why? Cringe inducing? Really? Guys wake up. She is just a character just like Alloy is just a character. Why is she forced and Alloy not? Think about it. Maybe its the articles and SJW that are trying to latch on to gaming that you are sick of, but the character herself is just fine. They are adding a layer to this game that isn't there.

421d ago
_-EDMIX-_591d ago

@eon-dont bother.

This dude has an obession with hating this game.

Look on his comment history.

Smh legit has zero life.

Pancit_Canton607d ago

A game should be a place for people to escape all this political correctness non sense, diversity and all other BS you deal on the daily basis. It just limits the creativity of the developers.

AspiringProGenji607d ago

The irony is the people againts this are trying to limit the dev's creativity complaining every time they see a female character nowadays. Let them try!

Pintheshadows607d ago

I'd rather they just kept quiet rather than publishing hand waving attention articles like this because 'diversity' is the 'in' thing at the moment (I remember when POGS where the in thing, better times). Virtue signalling is silly. If you feel strongly enough in your values, you shouldn't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops until everyone else is sick of hearing about it.

SeanScythe607d ago

Nope you're wrong, people against this don't want characters thrown in just to say they checked all the boxes to include every SJW issue just so they don't complain.

bluefox755607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

That's not it at all. Druckmann, the creative director, has openly admitted to changing character's genders for the sake of diversity. This isn't being done out of creativity, it's pure virtue signalling nonsense.

Allsystemgamer607d ago

When they flat out call for diversity they're not being creative. They're sticking to extremely strict guidelines and choose to exclude certain races and genders.

This doesn't help creativity.

"So this character grew up in Saudi Arabia born to an extremely religious family. She needed to escape so she became a treasure hunter etc..."

When you force a character to fit a characteristic all other characteristics then become secondary.

InTheZoneAC607d ago

Never complained about Lara croft, along, Samus, Zelda, or whoever. But like others have stated these forced check in a box characters are ridiculous

sigrid607d ago

"Never complained about Lara croft, along, Samus, Zelda, or whoever. But like others have stated these forced check in a box characters are ridiculous "

I guarantee you if those games were made today the exact same people would be complaining.

Goldby607d ago


"thats not being creative"

Excuse me, but have two characters you have never played as now the leads fro the DLC, yes that is being creative, it if it was nate, that wouldn't be creative.

""So this character grew up in Saudi Arabia born to an extremely religious family. She needed to escape so she became a treasure hunter etc..."

When you force a character to fit a characteristic all other characteristics then become secondary."

How do you know it was forced? because shes from saudi? guess what, THEY (naughty dog) created her, so no matter how much you think you know, you only know what naughty dog decides to tell you. how do you know one part of her character is secondary to another? and what characteristics are you exactly talking about. because right now, it just seems like you have an issue with ND putting 2 women as lead on a DLC.

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Inzo607d ago

I could not agree with you more. Well said.

Number_9607d ago

It honestly sounds like you just said "keep my gaming white, male and straight gosh darn it! I'm trying to escape all this unrighteous non white gayness!"

Inzo606d ago

You got all that from his post? Dude, you issues.

Tetsujin607d ago

I get so sick of using gender as a selling point in gaming today. It's one thing if it fits the story, but it's another to just use it as a marketing ploy. Uncharted is one series I do hold high respect for, so I won't say anything towards the series (at this time), however I am getting sick of the propaganda just to fit some quota.

Pintheshadows607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

I think Lost Legacy will be really good, but it would be lovely if we could go for more than 5 minutes without one of these articles. It would also be really nice if Neil Druckmann could stop sucking himself off for just a few minutes. I think he is a great creator, but he is full of himself when it comes to this kind of thing. If you want to do it, just do it Neil.

SeanScythe607d ago

Yes thank you neil is a great writer but he pushes his personal ideals into his games even if it's not needed for the game.

Goldby607d ago


And why is that a problem,
Musicians are allowed to express their views of the world in their music. Painters and artists straight up paint their views. why is is so bad when writers, creative directors do the same for games? Artists, no matter the medium express their views through it.

There is nothing wrong with Aritsts expressing their views, and if you are against it, you are for Censorship, plain and simple

Pintheshadows607d ago

'Musicians are allowed to express their views of the world in their music'

That is very true, however when they preach about it, we deride them. Just take Bono and Bob Geldof as examples of that. I have no issue if he wants to believe/include this (it's his life and games), but if he is going to consistently preach it to us like he has been indoctrinated into a cult, then I am not interested. It just comes across as incredibly pretentious.

Here is as far as my interest goes. Is the game good?

And here is my biggest issue with all of this nonsense. Who has the power to do what Neil wants to do? (by that I mean more 'diversity' in games and the industry) Is it me? Is it you? Is it Sean? No.

Its Neil. And my god, doesn't he just love to talk about it. It is pretty obnoxious to be honest.