ReCore Definitive Edition Rated for Xbox One in Germany

ReCore Definitive Edition has been rated in Germany for the Xbox One.

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Sciurus_vulgaris512d ago

If this is real. I would assume the definitive edition,will have improved textures,lighting,performance, tweaked gameplay and new levels. However, I still believe the base game, should have been delayed by 6 months or so.

annoyedgamer512d ago

Definitive? Man...its like the twilight zone, companies release broken games than sell us the fixed version.

Darkfist_Flames512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

I played this game on pc, i enjoyed it but oh boy many things in this game seems forced.

512d ago
DedicatedDark512d ago

Can you please release it on steam too. I love 3d platformers and I must play it. Windows store can go fck itself.

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