Nintendo finally issued a formal response to the biggest problem people have with the Switch


We just passed the two-week mark since Nintendo first released its hotly anticipated next-generation video game console, the Nintendo Switch. For those who haven’t managed to get their hands on the sold-out console at this point (your only real option right now is to pay a slight premium and get one on Amazon), here’s a spoiler for you: it’s awesome. The Switch is a fun new take on the gaming experience. While it’s not quite the paradigm-shifting device that the original Wii was, it still succeeds in offering a novel experience that gamers won’t find anywhere else.

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deafdani545d ago

Lol, if the fix is really this easy, maybe I'll try it myself if my left joycon ever comes across this issue. Thankfully, it's worked perfectly for me so far.

MVGeneral545d ago

I returned mine already. It's a horrible and flawed system. It's from the dark ages. Link can't even speak. There's a list of issues I don't even know how this passed quality control.

Firebird360545d ago

Cool story bro, even though it's bullshit.

MVGeneral545d ago (Edited 545d ago )

True story bro, Watch this link if you don't believe me.

nix545d ago

Wow. some people did have a problem. I'm sure it's not massive. But why the disagrees?

porkChop545d ago (Edited 545d ago )


The disagrees are due to the fact that MVGeneral is a liar. He's been talking nonstop trash about the Switch since before it even launched. No one believes he returned the system, because no one believes he even bought the system in the first place.

No one is disagreeing with the fact that the system has some issues.

deafdani545d ago

Yeah, after seeing your comment history I have a hard time believing you.

The 10th Rider544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

On top of what the other comments have already mentioned, what does Link not speaking have to do with the Switch itself?

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Gemmol545d ago

It happen to a few people and they call it widespread, my cousin my friend and me try to emulate the same problem we get nothing, but because he got faulty joycons its a big problem 😒

sk8ofmnd544d ago

Ppl who arent from the cartridge era know that if you wiggle or bump the cart it will make it act like the issues ppl have

DarthZoolu545d ago

Might buy after they get the bugs out.

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Rachel_Alucard545d ago

This wouldn't happen if they didn't put a huge metal box inside the left joycon that dilutes the connection to where it drops so much. If you directly solder the wiring to the board away from the box it fixes all issues and you can get around 40 feet with no issues.

porkChop545d ago

Instead of soldering anything, Nintendo apparently fixed the issue with a small piece of conductive foam. That's much quicker, and likely very easy to do yourself.

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