PSN Deals: Massive Savings on PS4/PSVR Exclusives on UK/EU PSN

Pure PlayStation: There are some massive deals on the UK/EU PSN right now, like Final Fantasy XV for just £9.99. Uncharted 4 for £15, and lots of PSVR games reduced.

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FallenAngel1984631d ago

Wtf Europe gets FFXV for that low? I'd bow to such a massive if a flash sale weren't happening this Friday

Jinryo631d ago

Looks like some sort of a bug. Price is now normal if you look to the store.

S2Killinit630d ago

not bad. wish FFXV offer was in the U.S. store though.

gigabyte630d ago

this was an error,it should of been 29.99,people got on the band wagon and purchased it at the incorrect price,was shortly taken off the PSN store to amend the price.