The New $70 Army Theamed Xbox One Controller Images and Details

Microsoft recently announced a completely new line of Xbox One controllers which are inspired by the military, these controllers will provide “military technology and performance patterns” according to Microsoft in...

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267d ago
hahaha267d ago

For what purpose since there isn't any games to play?!

lindquist267d ago

Just because X1 cant have any good and/or new exclusives, doesnt mean we cannot play :)

LexHazard79267d ago

The reason they make controllers is because they are good sellers for MS. As long as theres a market for them they'll keep making them. Also these are upgraded with better tech and material. There actually alot of gamers who collect Xbox controllers.

267d ago
Superman8689267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Sigh!!! I think​ Microsoft needs to Stop releasing $70-$100 remotes and start coming out with some damn decent games to play with. I already own the elite remote why need another.

yomfweeee267d ago

Microsoft has more controllers than exclusive games.

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