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chrisx401d ago

28 clicks per page. wth

jacob_roachge401d ago

It's not 28 clicks per page. Each game has one separate page :)

LaWiiG401d ago

DOOM was my best of 2016. Hands down.

DefenderOfDoom2401d ago

According to Jeff Gertsmann , Brad Shoemaker from GIANT BOMB , Totalbiscuit and me, DOOM 2016 is the best FPS campaign we played in over 10 years!!!

jacob_roachge401d ago

Click bait that took hours to compile and put together and provides value for people looking for FPS games to play?

Totally :)

Perjoss401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

While we appreciate all the hard work that went into this... a screenshot and a few lines of text per page, really? couldn't you have put 5 games on each page at least?

edit: nevermind I get it now, you're poking fun at Twinfinite :D

Haurus401d ago

Garbage that takes hours to stack and feeds an entire family of racoons is still garbage.

The only reason to have it spread across 28 pages is so their ad sponsers detect 28 views per person and makes the site 28x as much money. It is the literal definition of click bait.

jacob_roachge401d ago

I don't think you understand how ads work Haurus. Let me give you some insight.

Servicers of ads can EASILY detect unique views. They pay out for unique views, not overall views. Literally not a cent more is made from you viewing one of the games on the list vs viewing all of them.

The split was made for ascetic purposes so people could easily navigate where they way to go hence why there is a page list at the bottom instead of just a next page button.

Click bait is a misleading headline. There is nothing misleading here. There is actual content with good games that was thought out to provide a list.

Trust me, advertisers gather a lot more information about each view than you think. If they didn't everyone would do 100 page articles and watch the cash roll in.

jacob_roachge401d ago

I'll tell you right now, not hide anything. The impressions on my ads today (updated in real time) is a fourth of the overall views the site got today. Then, those impressions are bid on and then I make money on the ones that get bids. So you're looking at maybe 20% of "click bait" views actually making money.

It doesn't count them, man.

jacob_roachge401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I'll actually DM you a screenshot tomorrow when it updates of the "28x" money I made on this. Where can I send that?

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