Curing My Own Depression With Life Is Strange

"Depression can often be a difficult topic to talk about, as it affects everybody in different ways. Having suffered from depression for a long time, I’ve always found that talking about things and sharing experiences with others is one way for me to tackle the issue at its core."

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TC731126d ago

If you suffer from clinical depression, you can't be magically "cured." The author's just trying to BS his/her way to clicks.

_-EDMIX-_126d ago

agreed. I feel it can help, but seriously folks...if someone suffers from this, get REAL HELP!

FITgamer126d ago

*Self diagnosed depression.

2ndhandcorn126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Will not cure it just manage it, headline is depressing .

Frinker126d ago

You didn't have real depression if it got cured over a badly written game

PapaBop126d ago

The thing is though, the large majority of people will never have any idea what real depression is. I thought I had suffered from it in the past but it wasn't until I met someone who really suffered from it that I realised how wrong I was and how insensitive it is to casually throw around that term.

Chumdiddy126d ago

Yeah, no. Fine story and all but if a video game can "cure" your depression you didn't really have depression. You were likely bored or kinda sad.

bluefox755126d ago

I had the opposite reaction when I played this game.

GamePeace126d ago

Haha, I wanted to write something similiar ...

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