The Nintendo Switch Is 10 Times More Powerful Than an Average iPad

The power advantage could be important for Nintendo as it looks to compete with the growing popularity of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets.

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SojournUK246d ago

Just shows how underpowered iPads are.

Erik7357245d ago

And how powerful Switch is for a portable

MrSega245d ago

More powerful than Vita less than x360.

EddieNX 245d ago

Xbox 360 and Vita 0.5 GB RAM

Switch 4.0GB RAM it's better in every conceivable way, by far. I know you're probz just trolling but yh....

mikeslemonade245d ago

^As if Ram is the main determining factor of power, just saying..

Apple products are always one of the weaker devices and the ipad is old.

chrisoadamson244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

switch is a home computer .. that happens to be portable . stated many many many times by Nintendo . the switch is not powerful for a new console that is weaker than 3 yes old hardware . I.e. xbox and ps4

inveni0244d ago

What's the "average iPad"? Why not compare it with the latest, most powerful iPad? I bet it's not 10x more powerful than that. And then what happens when the next iPad comes out? Or when the iPad is faster? Are we shocked that new tech is better than old tech?

shaggy2303244d ago


Think you'll find the Xbox360 was a mere 0.24 Tflops

Now I don't know how powerful the Switch is, but in both docked and undocked mode I would almost guarantee its more powerful than that, but as someone else pointed out, you probably already knew that and just wanted troll.

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Utalkin2me245d ago

Well it is a mis-leading title. Plus the Ipad does 100 times more

MyDietEqualsGames245d ago

Yes. The Ipad has way more productivity than the Nintendo Switch. As a gaming device, the Switch wipes it's semiconductor-ass with the Ipad, though.

MVGeneral244d ago

Yeah it's a misleading article. What iPad are they talking about? Because it isn't 10x more powerful than the latest iPad. Maybe the 1st one ever released?
A lot of smoke and mirrors reporting going on with the Nintendo switch.

Utalkin2me244d ago


Thats my point. People only read titles and claim this blah blah. When in fact it makes themselves look stupid. The newest Ipad is stronger then the switch in every aspect.

cartoonx1245d ago

coz they not comparing it with the current ipads, but ancient ipads. an ipad pro is much faster thn switch.

XStation4pio_Pro245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

the latest iPad is 800 GFLOPS which puts gpu ever so slightly less than Switch in dock mode and more than when in portable mode...but with faster memory than the switch. and a much more powerful cpu. this article states "average iPad" not "latest iPad"

joab777245d ago

This makes the entire premise kina absurd!

babadivad244d ago

The switch is actually: 393 - 471 GFLOPS when docked in FP32. and 157 - 196 FP32 undocked.

MVGeneral244d ago

Yeah it's a misleading article. Like everything nintendo is doing these days.
"Best selling console" (Nintendo console)
"Sold out everywhere, high demand" (only 2 million will be released all of March .

joab777245d ago

It says average Ipad. What about the newest Ipad?

babadivad244d ago

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, the newest iPad destroys the Nintendo Switch pretty handily.

babadivad244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Which iPad? Certainly not the newest iPad. I hate Apple and would never by one of their products but there's no way that the switch is x10 more powerful than the most recent iPad.

In actuality, they are probably close to equal in power. Off top, the iPad has a FAAAAR more powerful CPU. That part is not even up for debate.

As for the GPU of A9x, it's actually faster than the X1 in the Switch[according to benchmarks ran by Anandtech].

The iPad GPU gets a score of 80 fps in the GFXBench 3.0 Manhattan (Offscreen). While the X1 SoC[the chip powering the switch] is getting a score of 65.6. This loss would be compounded by Nintendo's decision to downlock their version of the chip.

As far as the ram, the iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM, just like the switch.

So, in what world is the Switch x10 more powerful than the iPad?? MAAAYBE the very first gen iPad, maybe.

From everything we know about the 2 chips in question, it's slower than the iPad in almost every way. This article is complete nonsense.

I can't believe I'm defending Apple of all people.

If we are being honest, your new Galaxy S8 is gonna probably have a more powerful SoC than the Switch. Especially the Exynos version.

NotoriousWhiz244d ago

With the cost of the latest ipad, you could buy 2 switches.

babadivad244d ago (Edited 244d ago )


So we're moving the goal post now?? The article said it's x10 faster than the iPad. When it's actually slower than the iPad. And about on par with the iPad of 2-3 years ago. Price is irrelevant to this conversation.

And you can also get devices with the X1 SoC in it running un-hobbled and cheaper than the Nintendo Switch. So what's the point in mentioning price? Unless you are arguing the Switch should be cheaper than it is, of which I can agree.

MVGeneral244d ago

Nintendo fans will grasp at anything to justify their purchase and defend their cult leaders, nintendo.

NotoriousWhiz244d ago

Who said anything about moving the goal posts? I'm just pointing out facts.

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Einhander1971245d ago

Just shows how much the grunt the awesome little switch has. Just playing fast Rmx proves that .

The_Hooligan244d ago

I'm sure it does but can it do it all like this

Lol I love this show. I know it's an iPhone and not iPad but still funny. :)

bluefox755245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

"Average Ipad" meaning they're not comparing it to the newer ipad pro, that has around 500 gflops and double the Switch's memory bandwidth, they're comparing it to older ipads that are at least a few years old..

EddieNX 245d ago

How much is an Ipad pro?

The Switch is powerful for a tablet , digital foundry will back me up on this, but of course, you Nintendo haters love to compare Switch to Huge, traditional home consoles lol

bluefox755245d ago

Not the point. The point is the article is at best misleading, and blatantly false at worst.

Also, I don't hate Nintendo. I grew up with it. I still have my SNES and N64. Just because I think their new console sucks, doesn't mean I hate the company. I'm disappointed, sure, but I want them to succeed. That fanboy mentality you have doesn't help anyone, certainly not Nintendo. And people are comparing it to home consoles because NINTENDO themselves said Switch is a home console FIRST AND FOREMOST.

EddieNX 245d ago


Okay, remove the joycon and what your left with is a Small Tablet with all of the chips inside. This is a hardware based fact, its NOT a home console. Its a hybrid, at best.

ABizzel1245d ago

An iPad Pro starts at $599, with hardware performance that is nearly identical to the Switch on paper.

The price difference comes from Switch being a dedicated gaming device foremost, and the iPad being a multimedia device.

*The iPad has a much larger 9.7" screen, with better color display, and over 2x the resolution of the Switch.
*12MP camera w. HDR for photos
*A MUCH better battery (10 hours of streaming, +5 hours of 3D gaming)

That being said it's an iPad and Apple is notorious for overcharging their fans for hardware.

Amongunz245d ago

Youre right. These dummies apparently do not know what average means so its the articles fault and it is deemed "misleading". I thought it was pretty clear at first glance. Then again. Im not ps4 fanboy.

babadivad244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Shield TV has this same chip as the Switch, except it's running at a faster speed[I.E. not down-clocked like the Switch]. It's currently $199. And you can likely find it for far cheaper than that. The price isn't the point of the article. It said the Switch is x10 faster than the iPad. And that's patently untrue.

The Switch is slower than the most recent iPads in every way[CPU, GPU, and RAM]. Not only that, you would likely have to go back to first and second generation iPads before you would start to approach the claimed x10 faster mark in this article. And even still, I don't think it could get there.

Utalkin2me244d ago


Wow, way to smack him around with facts. He never provides any facts, just his little opnion.

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ABizzel1245d ago (Edited 245d ago )


Completely agree.

This entire article is full of deception. Unless there's full on evidence that the "average iPad" is an iPad 1, 2, 3 or original mini, then this article is absolutely false (aka The Switch is 10x more powerful than iPads that are more than 5 years old). Anything from the Air / Mini 2 line-up the Switch is only a few times more powerful best case scenario, and the Air line launched in 2013 (4 years ago).

Switch is 3x - 4x more powerful than the original iPad Air (2013) and iPad Mini 4 (2015, aka a smaller rebrand of the original Air).

Switch is 2x more powerful than an iPad Air 2 (2014)

Switch is equal in power to an iPad Pro (2015).

A 2017 brand new Nintendo "console" or "platform" is as powerful as a tablet that released almost 2 years ago. This comparison shows several things, however, it does not show the Switch being "powerful" in any light. The Switch is right on par with top of the line tablets, it just has a lower API, dedicated developers, and proven games and franchises to truly show off it's gaming performance whereas these tablets don't.

1. It also shows Apple is charging a huge premium to it's consumers for their hardware, and likely making over $100 profit per iPad sold, excluding R&D. Although ever so slightly in their defense there is a lot of secondary tech in the iPad that makes the price high.

2. The Switch would theoretically be more powerful than any iPad, but the underclocks hold back the hardwares full potential for thermal, throttling, and battery needs which was the right decision for the X1, but the X2 would have been the solution to all the above and fully justified the $299 starting price.

3. The benefits of having amazing talent and low level API for developing games, because even though the Switch and the iPad Pro are equals in power Switch games show a lot graphically because they have dedicated and experienced developers making games for the hardware.

The power is there for tablet gaming, developers just don't have the tools and talent to take complete advantage of it.

Amongunz245d ago

Who reads your comments? Sheesh

babadivad244d ago

It's Slower than the iPad Pro.

ABizzel1244d ago


Those who are informed, intelligent, and have an attention span and intellect greater than a 4th grader XD

Utalkin2me244d ago

Very well said. Glad there is some intelligent life here.

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sd11245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Its a hideously worded statement. They should have at least stated what they consider the "average" ipad to be. As it stands the comparison is useless and open to speculation.

Regarding your comment about disliking their new console. It depends how you view it. For a portable it is amazing. I don't really use it docked though and its probably not the Best choice for a home console. Having the ability to dock it to play mk8 in multiplayer will be good though.

Amongunz245d ago

Well.. to me. Average means you sum up a range of numbers and divide that range by the amount of numbers. Pretty straightforward

DashMad244d ago

yeah maybe stronger on paper but Ipad does have IOS overhead and stupid file size limitation on their apps which can only have maximum of 4GB because of that it can't run modern game or last gen game that have over 4GB.

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OpenGL245d ago

Average iPad? What do they mean? The Nintendo Switch is definitely not 10x more powerful than an iPad running an A8X, A9X, or A10. It's likely weaker than the A9X, which is the most powerful chip currently produced by Apple. The A9X used in the iPad Pro has 2x the memory bandwidth of the Nintendo Switch at 51GB/s.

LucasRuinedChildhood245d ago

Nintendo fanboys make their own reality. lol.

LastCenturyRob245d ago

What? The reality of awesome games?

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