The Dream of Cross-Platform Play vs the Reality

Why the hurdles facing cross-platform gaming may be too great to overcome any time soon.

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freshslicepizza336d ago

its hilarious how they talk about performance issues when the pc and consoles are really the only way to currently do cross play. so wouldn't it make more sense to have console players playing other console players?

it will never happen as long as we see sony selling so much more. they have no incentive and sadly its die hard fanbase will support whatever move they make. microsoft was that arrogant player before and now they are going in a direction of being more open while sony is now the blocker. nintendo has also been open to the idea, just google crossplay and pure chess.

the only real signs we have are developers not getting any response from sony. the makers of gwent, pure chess and rocket league have all mentioned sony not getting back to them. so why has sony said they are willing to talk but actions speak otherwise? so i am not sure what else they can do without making the business relations uncomforatble if they were to press harder.