An Example Of Bad Game Design | Rise Of The Tomb Raider

There are a lot of terrible video games out there that have bad game design within the core elements of its game mechanics. It's even worse when a triple A game has terrible game design, because it completely draws the player out of a beautiful game experience. A prime example of bad game design is Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Pozzle2d ago

Holy shit, this guy has an annoying voice :/

Cobra9512d ago

More like an example of bad reviewing for clicks. RotTR is a great game on all 3 platforms.

Gaming4Life19812d ago

People love to hate rise of the tomb raider but all those who have played it know it is a great game.

LordMaim2d ago

Actually, I haven't heard anyone hating on it. It was a great game.

pasta_spice2d ago

Yeah and the problem he is referring to (scripted boss battles) is a problem with many modern games. So I'm not sure why he bothered to single out RotTR. It's hardly the worst offender

Gamist2dot02d ago

Looking at the cover of the video, definitely not getting a view from me.