Mass Effect Andromeda Leaked 2016 Build Vs. 2017 Final Build Comparison Images Reveals Downgrade

ThisGenGaming says "It looks like Mass Effect Andromeda was downgraded as comparison images reveal that the game originally had much better animations."

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KionicWarlord222426d ago

LOL! If this doesnt end any debate of a downgrade nothing will.

This is some some "Now you see me" downgrade here.

The whole entire skin textures the armors metallics.

They scrapped it.

Bioware lost there minds.

AuToFiRE426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

What a disappointing end to what was set to be great. There was no way they could have screwed this up, but they did somehow.

DiceAndRice426d ago

It's sad how many times we hear that for games over the last few years.

MorpheusX426d ago


On purpose, By Design, they screwed up. The bidding of Political forces behind the scenes.

Goldby426d ago

yes, non mettalic entities demanded that they take out the metallic armor....


mikeslemonade425d ago

PS Poor and Xbox 720p is holding back development.

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MorpheusX426d ago

EA has a SOCIAL POLITICAL AGENDA. Its clear as glass.

They are a tool of Big Business and Politics.

Entertainment, making great games is not the Priority, its DOING THE BIDDING of Politics, and the $$$ men that own them.

AZRoboto426d ago


That's totally why the animations got downgraded. Gay gluten-free momdads.


426d ago
n1kki6426d ago

the OP was referencing corporate politics; power, opinion, direction, hierarchy, etc

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joab777426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I bet that this is where they made their sacrifice, to get a decent frame rate. After seeing Horizon I think everyone should just pay to use the Decima engine.

I will say though. I've only played for like 2 hrs but Andromeda isn't near as bad as everyone made it out to be. As a matter of fact it is damn gorgeous and runs smoothly on Pro in 4k.
Yes, every character is a direct descendant of the Gerber baby, but dialogue has been fine and other than the weird eyes, my character came out fine. Combat is a hell of a lot better than the last 3 games, and the environment is on a much grander scale.

yomfweeee426d ago

Haven't played the game, but to me it seems to me that everyone is judging the game based solely on the animations. There is no denying that stuff is laughable, but what about the rest of the game? I haven't really seen any complaints about it.

kreate425d ago

looking at the animations, I can't take the game seriously.

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TheKingKratos426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Talk about beating a dead hourse but they deserve it
yes bioware did f*** up.
the game could easily run on ps3
it's no where near pushing even xboxone let alone ps4 and it's a bad port on pc
the game got downgraded real bad to's like ubisoft "in your face"downgrade.

What the hell happened,Bioware??
BTW the one who hired Halo 4 writer to write Mass effect should be fired on the spot.

dadavis1992426d ago

What? Andromeda looks nothing like a PS3 era game.

Yes, some of the animations are bad. Yes, some of the textures are bad. But these screenshots are not representative of what the game looks like on average. For the most part, the game looks stunning. Graphics are not the problem with Andromeda.

Why do people resort to such hyperbole?

Jon_Targaryen426d ago

You are aware that MGS V ran on PS3 and 360 too, right?!?! And that game looks much better than this crap!

meka2611426d ago

He's right it's not hyperbole, the game could definitely run on last gen consoles. The only thing that might need a little downgraded is the environments, cuz those are the only thing that look good.

TheKingKratos426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

How am i wrong ??...have you seen uncharted/god of war/killzone/the last of us/gtav/mgsv etc on ps3..imo all of them look better than this "next gen" mass effect.

If this game is stunning for you then it's your opinion and not something i will ever agree with after playing games like uncharted 4 and Horizon etc on ps4.

game4funz425d ago

Halo 4 had good story. And awesome dialogu between cheif and cortana. Not sure what you mean

rpvenom426d ago

wow man.. i wanted to believe so much in this game.. but to see this level of downgrade.. that's so unfortunate. downgrades, microtransactions, paid dlcs.. what has the gaming world come to.. thank god for people who still produce quality games like rockstar and cd projekt red and still provide free content..

Kokyu426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Rockstar has micros and all but abandoned single player dlc for GTAV in favor of more useless microtransaction driven online stuff.

bluefox755426d ago

It didn't look all that great to begin with, so this is pretty sad.

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