Mass Effect Andromeda Leaked 2016 Build Vs. 2017 Final Build Comparison Images Reveals Downgrade

ThisGenGaming says "It looks like Mass Effect Andromeda was downgraded as comparison images reveal that the game originally had much better animations."

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KionicWarlord222151d ago

LOL! If this doesnt end any debate of a downgrade nothing will.

This is some some "Now you see me" downgrade here.

The whole entire skin textures the armors metallics.

They scrapped it.

Bioware lost there minds.

AuToFiRE151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

What a disappointing end to what was set to be great. There was no way they could have screwed this up, but they did somehow.

DiceAndRice151d ago

It's sad how many times we hear that for games over the last few years.

MorpheusX151d ago


On purpose, By Design, they screwed up. The bidding of Political forces behind the scenes.

Goldby151d ago

yes, non mettalic entities demanded that they take out the metallic armor....


mikeslemonade150d ago

PS Poor and Xbox 720p is holding back development.

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MorpheusX151d ago

EA has a SOCIAL POLITICAL AGENDA. Its clear as glass.

They are a tool of Big Business and Politics.

Entertainment, making great games is not the Priority, its DOING THE BIDDING of Politics, and the $$$ men that own them.

AZRoboto151d ago


That's totally why the animations got downgraded. Gay gluten-free momdads.


151d ago
n1kki6151d ago

the OP was referencing corporate politics; power, opinion, direction, hierarchy, etc

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joab777151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

I bet that this is where they made their sacrifice, to get a decent frame rate. After seeing Horizon I think everyone should just pay to use the Decima engine.

I will say though. I've only played for like 2 hrs but Andromeda isn't near as bad as everyone made it out to be. As a matter of fact it is damn gorgeous and runs smoothly on Pro in 4k.
Yes, every character is a direct descendant of the Gerber baby, but dialogue has been fine and other than the weird eyes, my character came out fine. Combat is a hell of a lot better than the last 3 games, and the environment is on a much grander scale.

yomfweeee151d ago

Haven't played the game, but to me it seems to me that everyone is judging the game based solely on the animations. There is no denying that stuff is laughable, but what about the rest of the game? I haven't really seen any complaints about it.

kreate150d ago

looking at the animations, I can't take the game seriously.

The_Infected151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

"Mass Effect Andromeda Leaked 2016 Build Vs. 2017 Final Build Comparison Images Reveals Downgrade"

What a joke. So glad I got Horizon: Zero Dawn over this downgraded mess.

feju151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Meh. GG have downgraded their games too in the past like Killzone, even Horizon too.. fewer trees and the famous foggy distance trick in final release. Downgrades happen to almost every game frankly, the real joke is sales induced comment.

The_Infected151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


"Meh. GG have downgraded their games too in the past like Killzone, even Horizon too.."

And somehow Horizon still ended up the best looking game this generation. It's also a great game all around. Can't say the same for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Bathyj151d ago

Foggy distance trick? I must of missed that one in my 50 hours. Yeah I see fog when the weather is bad. I see clear skies and the best draw distances on sunny days.

Maybe try playing it.

_-EDMIX-_151d ago

I don't know if I could say all that simply because we've always seen it running in real time and I would argue the game actually looks better than what they originally showed you technically could pause the game for yourself and change the time of day to match any of their promotional stuff to see for yourself.

In regards to foggy trees in backgrounds or anything like that anything that they've changed sounds more so like it was based on design not based on some sort of downgrade or trickery

Mind you you don't even know the reason behind that to my understanding it looks like they change the location of Aloys house , because it's a more mountainous area you're not going to see those trees in the same positions.

This is actually probably why Electronic Arts decided to show as little as possible they did not want to be scrutinize over a series of months or years over a game and I actually think that's probably the best idea look at what people did with CD projekt Red The Witcher 3 clearly was downgraded in the team definitely lied about it which I do believe is wrong but their reasoning makes complete sense and it's no different than what Ubisoft stated they had an early build they showed it to Gamers and a pond nier the final portion of development it was clear that they had to dedicate more processing power to other areas of us having to downgrade portions over the game.

It happens

But it is not happening based on trickery or to try to deceive people because you have to consider that this footage is actually not the footage that Publishers are showing you before the game releases.

The only company I can ever accuse of something like that would be no man Sky simply because that games original trailer was actually still being used to promote the final product despite it absolutely fabricating the concept of the game.

I think for some publishers if they're not sure just how much more features would be added on the game in regards to affecting graphical Fidelity they should choose a shorter marketing wing.

Aenea151d ago


It is a trick! But a very lovely trick! They use weather systems to disguise background loading! Ever wondered why at times the weather could change so drastically all of a sudden? Well, there you go :)

I think it's a very smart trick tho!

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game4funz151d ago

So you got hzd cuz... Graphics??
Wicked smaht. I'm kidding btw.

Aenea151d ago

Ehh, this is an article about graphical downgrades afterall, so this is about graphics, isn't it?

CrimsonWing69151d ago

Graphics are important but isn't the only important element in making a good game. If a game is aesthetically unappealing it can take you out of the experience. If graphics weren't important why do we keep pushing them to get better and better each gen? Or why do you hear, "This game looks like it's from [insert previous generation here],"

I mean I don't think it's fair to harp on a game that's not exactly a graphical marvel but from what I've read and seen the game has a lot more issues to it than graphics. Also, it sucks when you are with a series that really has great graphics for its time to somehow take a step back in the latest gen. If graphics didn't matter nobody would care, but in the context of a game developed for a current generation of hardware it does matter.

JasonKCK151d ago

Aenea but it's not about HZD graphics.

Goldby151d ago


Definitely read it in ben afflecks voice

game4funz150d ago

your flawed logic fails to. Mention the article isn't about horizon zero dawn either.


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_-EDMIX-_151d ago

I own Horizon zero Dawn and I'll still purchasing Mass Effect in about a month or two

I'm not entirely sure why people keep making this sound as if this needs to be an either-or , buddy trust me people could like more than one game nothing is wrong with that.

Horizon zero Dawn is easily one of my favorite games this generation. No lie.

That doesn't mean I'm just suddenly got to stop playing all games.

That would be like stop watching films because you saw an amazing Scorsese film.

If you choose to not purchase it that to your decision and all power to you there's nothing wrong with that , but please don't make it sound as if there's only one game everyone can only play.

The_Infected151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


"If you choose to not purchase it that to your decision and all power to you there's nothing wrong with that , but please don't make it sound as if there's only one game everyone can only play."

I'm pretty sure I was referring to me and not everyone else. I said "I'm glad I got Horzion: Zero Dawn over Mass Effect: Andromeda."

Pintheshadows151d ago

'don't make it sound as if there's only one game everyone can only play'

Can you point out exactly where he said that please?

Aenea151d ago

Platinumed Horizon, now playing Nier, ME: A will arrive on Thrusday (2 day later release in EU), one can play everything! :)

_-EDMIX-_151d ago

@Aenea- DAMN!!! Some line up.

Hats off to you if you're able to be all of those before Persona 5.