GameStop: Nintendo Switch Sales Could ‘Eclipse the Wii’

GameStop senior director of merchandising reveals to Game Rant that the Nintendo Switch is selling extremely well and could potentially outperform the Wii.

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darthv72151d ago

Well it first has to pass the wiiu, xb1, ps4, 360 and ps3 before it can eclipse the wii.

ShadowKnight151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

I'm sure it will pass the Xbox one and Wii U

hahaha151d ago

I think it will pass Nintendo virtual boy.

RosweeSon151d ago

You can't say Xbox one round here. Not negatively anyway ;) I agree tho, I reckon 30/50 million easily.

MVGeneral151d ago

The thing is, it's too early to tell. Consoles sell out all the time in the begining few weeks so I don't understand where all the speculation is coming from.

GtR35olution151d ago

Lol. Silliest thing ive heard in a while. I didnt know Nintendo is so funny

mikeslemonade151d ago

PS4 still can't match the pace of Wii so nope.

indysurfn151d ago

a quote from the article: "A recent study found that while half the population of the UK knows what the Nintendo Switch is, only 32 percent of those who heard of it intended to buy one". This is an example of being able to spin a positive negative number as a negative.

Are they serious? 32% of 50% id 16% of population plans to buy the SWITCH then if this as they guess worked out world wide would mean 1.28 billion people would be planning to buy a SWITCH. If you just used the 8 billion estimate of world population. I am not impressed with this put down. HELLO.

deafdani149d ago

@indysurfn: I agree, the negative spin here is astounding.

The UK's population is around 64 million. 50% of that is 32 million.

32% of 32 million is... 10,240,000.

So, "only" 10 million people in the United Kingdom intend to buy a Switch? Yeah, amazing how this is perceived as a negative.

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CaptainObvious878151d ago

Are GameStop being paid to write such tripe?

Nintendo haven't learnt a single fking thing from the wii U and GS think it could eclipse the original wii?


ShottyatLaw151d ago

I wouldn't say they're paid to say such things per se, but of the 3 consoles, i can see the Switch being their hopeful success.

Limited storage means less digital purchases. Switch is not BC with Wii U, so either they sell remasters or people buy used Wii U games from Gamestop. While Sony and MS are pushing PS Now and Game Pass, Nintendo might have VC available soon.... The Switch could be a Gamestop moneymaker.

Erik7357151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

I want a switch and I never had wiiu. They learned some things.

Maybe Sony can learn to make a higher rated game next time

Istolla151d ago

What exactly haven't they learned? Please give us your expertise.

Sirk7x151d ago

Chances are they're not being paid to say stuff like that. I don't think Nintendo pays off people like everyone claims. There would be evidence of it. Some gaming journalists probably have actual integrity, you know? So, if GS wasn't paid to make such claims, then why would they? They're either telling the truth or trying to build hype for sales.

MVGeneral151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

They've said something similar when wiiu was launched, look how that turned out.


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Erik7357151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Guess thats what that statment in the title meant darthv72

KwietStorm151d ago

"Maybe Sony can learn to make a higher rated game next time"

Like any number of Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo or The Last Of Us games? lol why do you try so hard Erik? Why is this so personal to you?

MyDietEqualsGames151d ago

The difference here is that Sony takes risks with their IP, Nintendo.. not so much. They are trying to grab on to the mobile segment with the Switch as well as grab onto the console segment. Jack of all trades, master of none.

It's decent hardware. But as far as I see, Nintendo will once again go for nostalgia, casual player and the Ninty fanboy who are comparable to religious zealots that sacrifice other fanboys on the alter of Nintendo. Blood flowing red like the Switch logo.

I am surprised to see so many hardcore Nintendo fanboys come out of the woodwork as the NX came close to launch and fervent after launch.
Personally, I think Erik is a closet fanboy trying so hard to prove otherwise.

When you toss around meta-critic to justify a game, you lose credibility in my eyes. I haven't really relied on reviews to decide whether or not I will buy a game, in a long damned time. So anytime I see someone hold Meta Critic up like the 10 commandment stones I laugh with great excess.
They are paid-for opinions.

Give me an opinion from someone who bought the game and is willing to spill about it's shortcomings. Those are the best reviews to me.

Sparta07151d ago

@ Erik, " I want a switch and I never had wiiu. "
😂 So you been lying all this time when you were saying how great Zelda is!? 🤔
Good to know, wow!! You need help.

Dark_Knightmare2151d ago

You troll while looking ridiculous since Sony has released the most critically acclaimed games in the last twenty years according to metacritic. Yeah so next time you fanboy at least have some facts so you don't look ridiculous especially acting like an 89 metacritic score is low when it's less than a point behind the almighty Zelda lol must have you nervous for some reason

The 10th Rider151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


Sony makes some great games, but "Sony has released the most critically acclaimed games in the last twenty years according to metacritic" is flat out wrong. In the last twenty years Nintendo has had Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, Perfect Dark, and Metroid Prime all at 97 or higher. Sony doesn't have a single game on Metacritic rated that highly. Even if you widen your standards Nintendo still has far more. I think part of the confusion is that Sony has many exclusives that they don't publish. If you said something like "Sony is home to the most critically acclaimed console exclusives of the past twenty years" you might have a leg to stand on. People will disagree, but you can go look it up for yourself and see that your statement, as it stands, is wrong.

If you don't believe me, just look:

Average score is higher, ratio of positively reviewed games to mixed or negative is much better, and the number of games above a 90 is much more. Maybe "next time you fanboy at least have some facts so you don't look ridiculous".

MVGeneral150d ago

Erik is cry baby. Always trying to attack playstation. It's because of his own insecurities with nintendo. he knows yhe switch sucks. One of the worst rated consoles. Envy and jealousy is bad for the soul.

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XanderZane151d ago

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath for that. It hasn't even sold over 2 million yet. I'm sure there's still some demand for it to play Zelda and Mario when it's released, but I don't really know anyone who's in a rush to get a Switch right now.

BIGBOSS08151d ago

I remember all the same stuff being said about the wii u too and it turned out to be the biggest flop in console history. I want hard facts and hard numbers, not BS from gamestop and Nintendo fans having an orgasm over Nintendo.

deafdani150d ago


"Biggest flop in console history"?

LOL. Yup, the Wii U sold pretty damn bad, but there are several game consoles released previously that sold even worse. Dreamcast, for example (which was actually an amazing console).

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Vegamyster151d ago

I expect it to beat out the Wii-U and possibly the Gamecube depending on how consistent games come out next year, they have the marketing down but I'd be shocked if it hit 360/PS3 numbers let alone the Wii.

The 10th Rider151d ago

I think the big thing that will determine sales numbers will be what they ave coming in the next year and a half. If they truly have a Pokemon game coming out and they get some games like Animal Crossing out for it, in addition to Fire Emblem next year and Super Mario Odyssey this holiday, it could see some very strong sales through 2018. If all they've got is what's been announced and next year is light on games, it'll just be the Wii U all over again.

dp277407151d ago

I actually agree with that and think it really depends on how consistent they can be with putting out games and getting third parties to put out games. it'll be crucial to see sales at 15-20 million or 40-80 million I think


Gamers are different now than they were 10 years ago. Most gamers demand more from their console and with the release of the Pro and incoming Scorpio people expect 4K like resolution. Parlor tricks won't work like they did with the Wii (see the Wii U, Kinect, and PS move for proof). I seriously doubt the Switch will even sale half of what the Wii sold. Little to no 3rd party support and being underpowered compared to current gen will be the demise of the Switch. I like the Switch don't get me wrong shit I bought two of them but let's be real here...

Psytrix151d ago

Congrats, You bought two over priced invidia shields.


Congrats you passed judgement on something you don't even own. And what I bought was two Nintendo Switch consoles.

Psytrix151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@Blackie September Nope - nothing custom about Nintendo's chip - you bought a shield. I was stupid enough to buy a Wii U, same shit different rapping.

Love how you reply then make it so I can't reply back directly, ya Nintoddler.

deafdani150d ago

First, he didn't say anything about Nintendo's chip being custom or anything, you did. He only stated that he bought 2 Nintendo Switch consoles, which is true.

Second, he didn't "make it so that you can't reply directly"... that's N4G's comment system, which only allows you to reply to a post, and reply to the first reply. Anything further than that can't be replied to directly.

Third: "Nintoddler"? Jesus, grow up.