A New Dreams PS4 Screenshot Appears on World Frog Day

A New Dreams PS4 screenshot appears on #WorldFrogDay.When you think about it, this looks like a still from a CGI cut-scene in some game one may think.

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ToastyMcNibbles632d ago

I have a feeling when Dreams is reintroduced to us it will look like a very different game from when it was first shown off

subtenko632d ago

Oh yea! That and we'll be shaping up the game with influence from the beta. Plus the stuff not even revealed yet still has to be shown too.

I think mostly all gamers are gonna like it once they see what everyone experiences with it

ToastyMcNibbles631d ago

Are you THE subtenko? Dude I'm huge fan of your killzowned video. Its hilarious

subtenko631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

@toastymcnibbles the only one I knoe of :D thanks I didnt know people still remembered. I've been mia doin that kinda stuff but working on a lot. Look in forward to have that kind of fun in dreams from everyone!

Still proudly rocking my chicken leg stahl avatar here :)