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I'm a Huge 'Mass Effect' Fan — The New Game is the Worst in the Series | Business Insider Review

Business Insider - The first new "Mass Effect" game in years is finally here. I've got some bad news: It's not a very good game.

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Community433d ago
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Relientk77433d ago
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LordoftheCritics433d ago

This article is full of Spoilers.

Screw you author.

MyDietEqualsGames433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

Articles with spoilers should be marked as such by the submitter, if no spoiler warning is given by the author of the article.. I am glad I didn't click this shit. I'm sorry if you were interested in the game, though. Also, thanks for the headsup. Heh.

LordoftheCritics433d ago

Yea I preordered. Waiting to play it in 2 hrs.

mikeslemonade433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

Nah I think it's 1>4>2>3.

SojournUK432d ago

Thanks for saving me from the spoilers, got it preordered :)

Tankbusta40433d ago

Funny I love the trilogy also, and two hours in I'm enjoying Andromeda.

People. Forget how many issues ONE had, I remember buying it for Xbox 360 on release and never beating it because of the controls being so hideous. I later beat it when it was released on ps3. Point is all these crying articles about how bad the game is conveniently forget the issues one had. If everyone went into mass effect one with the attitude they are for Andromeda, we would have never had a trilogy.

joab777433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

We forget how the games actually were because we are comparing this to Horizon and Zelda now! The bar was set very high so ALL flaw will be noticed!

Not that I want to but every review I have read has ignores the final act of the game, whether it was good or whatever, not spoilers obviously.

RpgSama433d ago

Exactly, what was acceptable in Mass Effect 10 years ago its not acceptable now, the game will be compared to whats on the market in 2017 and what has been released in the past few years, not every game can be as good as the witcher 3, but in many ways this Mass effect is worse than even Dragon Age Inquisition, which was Bioware last game.

leoms433d ago

Bud, no flaw was noticed in Zelda, in fact reviewer turned a blind eye on its flaws!!!

_-EDMIX-_432d ago

Zelda? You mean the game that has terrible framerate in the majority of the characters don't even speak you just read texts?

For god sakes breath of the wild literally looks like a GameCube game....

Zelda has been given an extremely huge pass it's not even funny

Rodney25433d ago

You are literally the first person I heard say something so logical. I love mass effect beat it and by it I mean the trilogy multiple times. Jumped in on 2 because I had ps3 but I replayed all of them on PC a few months back and the only good one gameplay wise us 3. The first 2 are clunky as all hell and I guess none of these people played them because they were buggy. It seems people are just ready to hate this game. I'm getting it no matter what.

Mr Lahey433d ago

To be fair, two hours it not much to go on.

spicelicka433d ago

I think you also forget when ONE came out there were no third person shooters of that kind. Gameplay-wise Gears of war was revolutionary, but its effects didn't kick in till a couple of years later, which meant that every TPS up until 2007 was shit in terms of gameplay.

Mass effect's gameplay issues were far overshadowed by it's amazing storytelling. The graphics were top notch at the time, and the depth of the story along with the choice system is what made it stand out among other games.

I haven't played Andromeda yet but I plan on getting it, so I won't comment on whether it's good or bad, but my attitude isn't the same as Mass effect ONE because that game appeared super innovative to me at the time.

Kyizen433d ago

Cause ME 1 had issues doesnt excuse ME 4 from having them, they went backwards in quality.

EmperorDalek433d ago

I just beat the first one again... I actually enjoyed it more this time around. Even the combat was enjoyable. The game as a whole holds up extremely well.

Pintheshadows433d ago

It certainly does, more than people give it credit for I think. I also like it as it feels distinctive, even next to the other games in the series.

Ashlen433d ago

I loved the first two hours, then the game opened up and became DA:I in space and lost me.

Dark_Knightmare2433d ago

I've been playing it and it's nowhere near as bad as DA:I that's hyperbole. The side quest so far are way better than the mmo fetch quest bullshit DA gave us

meka2611432d ago

For me I don't care about the facial animations, I mean they are jarring and pull you out of the immersion. The main thing that makes me not like this game is the cringy dialogue, it's like the programmers have never interacted with another human being. No one talks they way they do in this mass effect. I played the trial and the dialogue, story and lack of rpg elements are why I'm not getting it.

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Ashlen433d ago

Companies... EA kills whole companies.

Pintheshadows433d ago

It seems they may have to make some extra space in that mass grave.

433d ago
JackStraw433d ago

If you have to preface your argument with a label attached to yourself so as to authenticate the validity of the argument you're about to make, you have already invalidated it.

Pintheshadows433d ago

This is why people believe in flat earth and creationism.

Nu433d ago

The book of Genesis is the foundation for the big bang theory.
Evolution is a religion.

432d ago
rocketpanda433d ago

And where did you copy and paste that from?

Pintheshadows433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

If someone feels they have knowledge in an area, and wants to state that, I would like them to state it. Always. so I know what I am dealing with when I have a discussion with them. And you can then potentially use that as a weakness and really push their credentials.

It's absurd to say they have invalidated their argument over something so trivial. It makes it seems like you don't have an argument yourself.

And maybe watch some flat earther videos. They all dismiss people who label themselves as 'scientists' in the exact same way you just described with your comment.

And nu, Evolution is science. Science is not a religion. Period. No one worships evolution. You just want to believe they do so you can say absurd things like 'evolution is a religion'. Oh yes, I will just pop over to the church of Evolution and pray to the effigy of Darwin.

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