Which Is The Greatest Superhero Video Game Of All Time?

Brent Lee of The Koalition writes: Comic book superheroes have undergone something of a transformation in pop culture over the past decade. While the 1990s and early 2000s played host to a number of dismal adaptations of both Marvel and DC properties across film, TV and video games, each company has seen its fortunes take a monumental turn for the better in recent years.

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bouzebbal513d ago

Batman and Robin on megadrive

UltraNova511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

I have to go with Spider Man 2 on ps2. That game was unbeleivably addicting. Arkham series by Rocksteady is a close second.

littlezizu511d ago

For me it's Infamous 2 ps3. Things you can do in that game is insane.

rbailey513d ago

The Arkham Games definitely are some of the best Batman titles out there. In particular, Batman: Arkham Asylum deserves some praise as that was the title that started it all.

Glemt511d ago

Completely agree. And Arkham City took what was great about Asylum and made it better. The voice acting in those games were superb, the plot was thick and juicy, the side quests fun, the world felt very atmospheric and realistic (in its own universe) and the combat system and gameplay were phenomenal.

nevarDcirE512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Saints Row 4.

CocoaBrother511d ago

Two of my favorite superhero games are Batman: Arkham City and Ultimate Spider-man.

Movefasta1993511d ago

Ultimate Spider-Man was amazing !

Glemt511d ago

Wow, these two picked by the author seem bad choices to me. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, for best superhero game of all time?! That's a bold choice in my opinion. I think the fact that they used voice acting, instead of just vocal sounds like LEGO Star Wars had, was a bad development choice and took a lot of the fun away. It felt like a generic kids' cartoon all of a sudden.

My contender for the greatest superhero for all time? FREEDOM FORCE. Now -that- game was brilliant...

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The story is too old to be commented.