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As a Huge PlayStation Fan, I’m Debating Buying Third-party Games on Switch

"Unlike the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch actually entices me to buy third-party games on the console-handheld hybrid." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Community431d ago
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thejigisup431d ago

I would argue that remote play still works wonderfully on the vita and therefore I could not make the argument as to which is more portable. That being said there are ninty exclusives I am interested in so that may push me towards a switch purchase. I still have my reasons about the switch and wont mind waiting until some of the issues I've seen many switch owners complaining about are resolved before really considering a purchase. I think ninty took the best route for them this generation is they couldn't or didn't want to compete in the same space as ps4 and Xbo.

naruga431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

@article i ill ask this .....what third party??? AAA third party will come to Switch ...imagine DS 3 on Switch or Witcher or Nioh (its a nominee for Nintendo to steal the IP) fing way , the games will look terrible or they wont play at all if you consider Bindng of Isaac third party support , ok many i mnot even bothering with such games

Istolla431d ago

What are you on about? Have you seen the graphics of Fast rmx? Secondly, graphics alone don't make games great. The Switch in terms of power is between the Wii U and Xbox One. Developers can and will do something with that.

Your argument is like saying PC games can't be put on PS4 or Xbox One because gaming PCs are vastly superior to consoles in terms of graphics.

ShottyatLaw431d ago

The rumors are that Dark Souls may be close.

BIGBOSS08431d ago

Hey! Nintendo switch will have great 3rd party support! It's getting major games like skyrim which came out 5 years ago and also getting 360/ps3 ports of fifa. What more could you want? Lol

Averyashimself431d ago

@Bigboos I didn't know you could see the future.

Segata431d ago

Dark Souls III is running on Switch and looks fine. See Gamespot.

inveni0431d ago

A true Playstation fan would want their third-party games to look the best possible, I'd think. They'd want the trophies. They'd want the party chat with friends. Why would a "true fan" give that up for a device that completely lacks everything a fan of a brand would want?

shaggy2303431d ago


"no AAA third party will come to Switch "

STEEP says hi.

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Istolla431d ago

The problem with utilizing the Vita like a Switch is you have to buy two devices (a PS4 and a Vita) that is more expensive than getting just the Switch. Another issue is that not all games support remote play. The Switch is what I thought the Vita would be, and I love it!

thejigisup431d ago

What games do not support remote play? I would even posit that many people that have purchased a Vita over the last six years so have access to this device so yes, though you may have to purchase a new device, many of us still have said device. I agree that the vita has let me down to some minor degree yet is still a viable contender as my go-to mobile Gaming device, hopefully the switch, given some time to build it's library and features will change that.

ShottyatLaw431d ago


I skipped the vita and Wii U. It doesn't make sense for me to go with the Vita over the Switch when I have a PS4.

Going by the numbers, Vita's sold maybe 1/4 of the PS4. I think more people are in line with my position. I'd love to use one for remote play, but I'm more inclined to use my Switch for 3rd party on the go and 1st party, while enjoying my PS4 at home.

Averyashimself431d ago

People are just disagreeing with you just to be disagreeing.

wonderfulmonkeyman431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I would argue that the word "wonderfully" is a pretty big exaggeration, compared to the native play of the Switch, no extra system or wifi streaming needed, with every title so far.
Having said that, I see no reason not to get both a PS4 and a Switch, considering both are getting great exclusives.

KimikoGaming431d ago

Switch is more portable easily. You don't need to own multiple consoles, nor do you have to be connected via wi-fi or data. You don't need to deal with connection lag. You don't have to leave a secondary console turned on or in sleep mode in order to access the games. You don't have to make sure that the system you are playing has the game you want to play put it before you leave (not an issue if you purchase games digitally).

Besides, Switch has a higher resolution, better controls (Dedicated L2/R2 and L3/R3 instead of the back touch screen), better audio quality, etc than the Vita.

But yes, remote play still works well on the Vita.

thejigisup431d ago

It's not more portable...the vita doesn't need to get docked and in the process have the screen getting scratched. For someone that already owns multiple consoles from the dreamcast to ps4 a handheld device that works perfectly with my ps4 isn't an issue. I'm pretty much always connected to the internet whatever I go my isp has over 1.5 million hotspots in the NYC tri-state area. I also have a fantastic Wi-Fi connection at work and home with fairly substantial bandwidth in both locations, and as far as connection lag... I haven't had game breaking issues. I also always have my ps4 in rest mode, I call it ready mode bc it's always ready, is there a downside to rest mode? I'm not aware if there is so let me know. As far as purchasing games digitally lol this one gets me about the disc having to be in the system... My ps4 has waaayyyyy more storage than the switch for instance not only will I be playing mass effect Andromeda on my beautiful oled screen whilst at work I don't have to worry about whether it's in the system or not bc I started playing last night and I didn't remove the disc and put the system into ready mode before I went to bed, I also have some disc jam id love to play a few rounds of as well. Better controls is subjective, I've been using my Vita for years now and I'm quite comfortable with it. The audio quality is a moot point in your case for the switch as I personally feel that if you are using a mobile device in public use some headphones please, I love in NYC and unless your five years old and don't understand that sometimes other people don't want to hear your video games in a crowded area or want to struggle to hear your games in a crowded area get some damn headphones(i suggest the PlayStation platinum headset, the earcups move). And yes you're right remote play works well on the vita. Seriously though is there something wrong with rest mode on the ps4?

mikeslemonade431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

1. Remote play on vita is no good. There is latencey and the resolution is worst than Switch. Please stop acting like vita is still a great platform. Sony let that system die, it had potential.

2. "Graphics don't make a great game". That's besides the point. The thing is the game will play better and look better on PS4 Pro and PC. It's not for certain that the port will have issues other issues on Switch.. I think PS4 is typically the system that a game is developed on to first and then it gets ported everywhere else.

3. As a Switch owner I have no issues playing 2 games a year. That was my expectation.. Just to play Zelda and then Mario. Third party on Switch.. when my graphics processor alone in my PC is $765 lol

Goldby431d ago

and to think, you just sopent half of that on a zelda dn mario game.....

Some people just love wasting money. (in my opinion)

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Testfire431d ago

From a pc gamer perspective, every Indy game that comes to the Switch, I'll buy there. It's the perfect Indy machine imo.

ShottyatLaw431d ago

Same. I'll repurchase Stardew Valley on day one after dropping hours upon hours on it for PC.

The 10th Rider431d ago

For sure. The Switch is a big reason I've held off from a lot of indie titles on PC (Stardew Valley included.) Most AAA titles I'd just buy on PC.

JEECE431d ago

Agreed. Switch will replace Vita as my indie machine. Here's hoping they get banner saga on Switch, since I've been waiting for the Vita version, but they've been dragging their feet.

FallenAngel1984431d ago

"I was going to get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PS4, but why do that when I can get the Switch version, and have a huge open-world RPG in the palm of my hands, anywhere I go?"

Cuz you don't even know if the NS will receive the updated remastered edition. The devs reluctance to confirm that it is the Special Edition from last year almost spells out that it's the last gen version

Vegamyster431d ago

Not necessary, people thought that Skyrim wasn't coming at all because of how quite they were after the Switch announcement, won't know until it's closer to November or possibly E3.

wonderfulmonkeyman431d ago

Well if all gamers were that obsessed over gwafix, then I guess it wouldn't matter what the Switch got, now would it?
I think we all know that, at the very minimum, it will still have a graphical upgrade to put it above the PS3 version, even if it doesn't reach the Max Settings of the Remastered version.
Not that it'd matter anyways, considering Skyrim's art style is filled with so many muted/darker colors that aren't hard to replicate in the first place...

BIGBOSS08431d ago

Oooh how impressive! A console that released in 2017 gets a port of a 5 year old game and gets a slight graphical upgrade over a console that came out in 2000 f*cking 6!! You couldn't make this shit up! Omg.

wonderfulmonkeyman431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

When you can shove a PS4 into a fucking tablet with no consequences, then you'll have the right to make fun of the Switch's hardware.
Until then, you're just acting like a hater, one who's forgotten that, historically, the majority of the time, it was the weaker systems that have won their gens and still managed to come out with fantastic games.

Goldby431d ago


you always use that defense that it was the weaker console that wins, you forget to include one major aspect.

Game support, and while yes Switch does has support, it will not get anywhere the amount of support that PS4 and x1 are getting, why because of how underpowered it is for todays standards of gaming. When Zelda, a game developed for an even weaker prior generation is having issues with AA causing frame rate drops you have to wonder how Mass effect would be handling it, cyberpunk.

You need to have the support of 3rd parties, and while Nintendo does have some support. its no where near what is neeeded to win.

as for ps4 in a fucking tablet (aggressive much?) i'm still waiting for when Nintendo is gonna release a their version of a ps4 in a tablet, all we have right now is a thinner Wiiu with detachable controllers

Nu431d ago

What if Skyrim Switch has Zelda themed stuff in game? That would be awesome.

Nu431d ago

Licensed by Nintendo.

The 10th Rider431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I don't think that particularly matters. I can run Skyrim with graphics mods on my $450 laptop. Anyone with a PC that has a sixth gen I5 can already pick up Skyrim for like $5 . . . and with mods it'd look better than the remastered version does anyway. That didn't stop people from buying the remastered version for consoles.

Personally I have no interest in purchasing Skyrim for Switch, but that doesn't mean the remastered version for other consoles will stop other people from buying it.

Goldby431d ago

people bought the remaster for mods,

and i highly doubt nintendo will have mo support for their version

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Pancit_Canton431d ago

Good luck starving on Third party support.

I think the Switch would suffer the same fate as the Wii U. Their Multiplayers and community are not even close to PSN and Xbox Live, which majority of the Third Party developers thrive.

thisismyaccount431d ago

Yep, can not wait to play Skyrim on the NX at 720p with emphasis on the last 2 digits (fps).