People with Samsung TVs are reporting problems with the Switch auto-switching to HDMI

Owners of Samsung TVs are reporting issues with the Switch.

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Pogoplay454d ago

I'm running a Samsung JS series TV and I'm not having any issues... The KS which is reported in this article is the newer model of mine, so it may be isolated to that.

454d ago
shloobmm3454d ago

Yeah I dont have any issues with my Samsung tv either.

Nu454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

The disagrees are from people that can't afford the Switch and are SamSung fanboys.
According to Pac Attack.

-Foxtrot453d ago

Or maybe it's because this "It's fine for me so I'm going to ignore every possibility that it could be happening to other people" mentality has got to stop

LAWSON72454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

I have a KU7000 series and sometimes I have to remove the thing from the dock due to this crap. Literally will switch to the input every few seconds

DEEBO454d ago

Power off the switch sleep mode makes it (switch) back to Nintendo HDMI port.

It does it to the me when I play my ps4 but after I power it off I have no problems.
I got power on the switch in the dock then use the pro controller to finish turning off the system.

Jsoc454d ago

I don't have that problem either, I have the Sony XBR 55X850D. And it works fine... maybe they should disable the HDMI Sync and then set it up again . Make sure when u enable this feature that u do it from the tv first

Vhampir454d ago

You can't disable it on samsung tvs. That's the problem.

Summons75454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

There is an on/off option in the Switch's menu settings...yes you can.

Reaon454d ago

@summons no there isn't, not for this issue, and you can't disable auto hdmi switching on the new samsung tv's. I have the same issue on my KS7000 and no combination of options fixes this so far. I have to undock my switch to prevent the tv from constantly changing hdmi source to the switch.

inStereo454d ago

Unfortunately, I've been having this problem with my new LG TV. I have to unplug the HDMI cord from the back of the Switch when I want to watch a different source, or it will randomly "switch" back to the Switch. Not a deal-breaker for me, but it is a little annoying. Hopefully a firmware update can take care of it.

CyberSentinel454d ago

I have a LG tv as well, and I have noticed this issue myself, I figured maybe the system was auto-updating something, I wonder if Switch systems that are not internet connected are doing the same thing?

Skate-AK454d ago

I don't have a Switch but my LG TV has a setting called Simplink and if you turn it off, it removes anything that would tell the TV to change inputs.

porkChop454d ago

Instead of unplugging the HDMI, couldn't you just disable "Match TV Power State" in the Switch system settings?

That's really odd though. My Sony Bravia doesn't have this issue.

Reaon454d ago

That's not what that option does. And I'm guessing your bravia doesn't automatically switch source when receiving a signal over hdmi.

porkChop454d ago

If it does, then I've got the option off.

andybock454d ago

Have this w my Samsung TV. It can be really bad. It's the TV's fault. Samsung has issues w other products aswell.

LAWSON72454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

I have 6 devices plugged into my TV, the Switch is the only one with the issue.

ecchiless454d ago

Still is your tv fault...... is just that the other 6 devices hate nintendo and thats why they refuse to fail with your tv xD

Nu454d ago

Your TV is jealous of the miniature tv that is threatening it.

Aquietguy454d ago

Sounds like your Switch is selfish.

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