PS3 named among the Top 10 most overrated products of all time

PC Magazine Top 10 list of the "Most Overrated Products of All Time!"

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Sphinx4349d ago

...but Power Point? That thing is ingenious! Once you figure out all the bells and whistles, what else can do all that? If anyone ever needs to make a presentation, the Power Point program is perfect!

grifter0244349d ago

Wow every version after 95 huh. And there a pc magazine!!! Guess someone is a Mac lover..haha lol I think there good but guess that makes me a windows lover dont it lol . Cant even stop laughing about that #1 hahaha

MicroGamer4349d ago

I was very happy with WIN98SE. I thought everything after that was superfluous. ME made some nice changes for handling multimedia functions, but it wasn't a huge jump over 98SE. I would be happy to still be running ME today if it was still supported.

richie007bond4349d ago

Now why doesn't that surprise me,the ps3 must be the most over hyped product in living memory lol

shikwan4349d ago

Most people UNDERrate Windows, often complaining about it. I never hear anybody hype it at all. How about exchanging a couple of those things on the list for BluRay & HD-DVD??

spacetoilet4349d ago

He put alot of Ms stuff in there. He sounds like one of those 'cult like' mac weirdos.

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The story is too old to be commented.