League of Legends LGBT Characters Will Happen ‘At Some Point’ Says Design Director

J Station X: League of Legends LGBT characters will happen 'at some point,' confirms design director Greg Street, who says that Riot Games would have to be 'careful.'

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annoyedgamer431d ago

Please don't follow Blizzard...

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2pacalypsenow431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Yeah because sexual orientation have a massive effects in combat.....

fromchildren431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Mess Effect Andromeda

Auron431d ago

Remember when gaming wasn't mainstream? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

KwokXi431d ago

Thanks for the heads up, I guess I can stop playing around that time. Stop forcing your perversions.

Istolla431d ago

Good, the less bigots in gaming the better.

KwokXi431d ago

Nice meme. If you could keep your degeneracy to yourself, that'd be great :)

Allsystemgamer431d ago

Bigot has lost all meaning because of people like you.

PlayableGamez-431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Why does it matter?
Who are these people making dumb requests like this?
How does sexual identification add to the gameplay in League?
Why can't they just leave this type of stuff for fans to interpreted instead of shoving it in peoples face?

Istolla431d ago

People like to feel represented in videogames. It helps you feel more connected. It's hard for a majority to understand this because they already are represented. To this day it annoys me that a majority of videogame protagonists are white men.

PlayableGamez-431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I don't even know where to begin with this comment. -_____-
Let me say this dude. Shoving gay characters in a game just so you can come out as a politically correct person, should be insulting to gay people.

ZombieGamerMan431d ago

@Istolla You know there was a feminist study made about representation in games, the goal of this study was to see how they could inject their poison of diversity in the gaming, thinking it needed to come in the form of the player character. However to their shock they discovered gamers didn't care about neither the gender, race or even whether the playable character was even human as they didn't identify with the character but with his goals. This study changed their plans and instead they focused on destroying the meaning of gamer so they could inject their diversity nonsense in the community instead since the actual games didn't matter.

I bring this up simply to state that for gamers they don't need a character to represent their race, gender, sexual orientation or whatever else there is, what gamers care for is the games and what their goals in that game is. And for a MOBA and it's players whether a male character likes willies or not means nothing to them and thus does not require these sorts of things inserted in it, at least for games like Mass Effect sexual orientation is understandable but not for this

MeteorPanda431d ago

None of the heros in lol have any hint of sexual orientation...except the few married ones and a few hints in lore..fanfiction and fanart is where u take this crap

Ffs u gays have taric. Fabio taric is an absolute bear pinning over ezreal.

Release one gay champ is like confirming the rest have been straight rather than open to interpretation.

uth11431d ago

That's insulting actually.

The typical videogame protagonist is some overly-buff ex-military dude with buzz-cut and gravely voice. I'm none of those things. I don't identify with those types of characters at all.

But because he's white, hetero and male and I'm white, hetero and male, that means I'm represented? Because the only things that make us different are our gender, skin color and sexual orientation?

Allsystemgamer431d ago

So you just exposed yourself as a racist.

Go to India and tell them to have more Chinese people in their movies.

Go to Japan and tell them to have more blacks in their movies.

I'm bisexual and I don't give too shits who my character fucks.

But to bigots like yourself all that matters is race and sex. As if that's what you need to connect with a character.

Gtfo with that shit.

meka2611430d ago

Yes because I see skinny ass pale white nerds in games all the time. No game character fits the majority, because they are fictional and digital, not real, we need to stop treating them as such.

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rainslacker431d ago

Was wondering that myself. Only played LoL on a couple occassions at a friends house, and wondering how exactly this would fit into the game itself. There is no actual story, and no real character exposition to make it seem like it's in anyway relevant.

Is there some sort of extra exposition to the cursory lore that exists for this game that they can piggyback these kinds of issues in on? That's how Blizzard did it, because the characters in OW also don't have any real back story other than what exists outside the game.

I think nowadays, people mistake personality for actual story, and that's why Blizzard can make this crap up on the fringe fan base, but keep the casuals unaware that they actually have gay characters, because the casual people don't pay attention or care.

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