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Breath of the Wild’s Attention To Detail Reaches For Hideo Kojima’s Excellence

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an immaculate design encoded in its AI, suiting each possible scenario on a level only Hideo Kojima has embodied.

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Community513d ago
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Imalwaysright513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Most detailed open world game ever created. Starting a fire to create an updraft and use it to fly with your glider left me speecheless. The amount of detail and interactivity this game has through its physichs system puts every other open world game I played to shame.

2pacalypsenow513d ago

More detailed than ants on a tree or evaporating puddles?

cpayne93513d ago

Ants on a tree and evaporating puddles are cool but they dont affect gameplay.

_-EDMIX-_513d ago (Edited 513d ago )


Because of the platforms limitations, it can't be that.

@cp- that's nice but did you actually read what the comment was talking about?

"Most detailed"

pramath1605513d ago

@2pacalypsenow, yes, more detailed

Imalwaysright513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

@ 2pacalypsenow

You think that's more impressive than the example I gave? I haven't played horizon so I have to ask what's the difference between Horizon's ants and a chicken running around in Skyrim? What's their purpose and how do they enhance gameplay? Also, what do those evaporating puddles do for gameplay?

@ ED

Yes, it very much is the most detailed and interactive open world that I experienced in my 25 years of gaming. Zelda's attention to detail and interactivity through the game's physics system puts EVERY game I played to shame period. Find me an open world game that offers as many possibilities as Zelda does and I'll agree with you. Until then, I will consider Zelda the most ambitious game I have ever played.

feraldrgn513d ago

Ants on a tree & evaporating puddles are details GG didn't even need to put into the game, it's going the extra mile.
Making a fire to create an updraft for your glider is a gameplay mechanic, not a detail.

Imalwaysright513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

@ feraldrgn

A gameplay mechanic that is achieved through the game's physics system. That to me shows how far Nintendo went to create a somewhat realistic world through player agency and logic based interaction. That to me that is attention to detail. Just the fact that a fire creates an updraft is attention to detail and then having that updraft have a purpose through player agency as a gamer made me realise how truly incredible the devs that created this game are and how ambitious they were. Absolute masterpiece of a game.

Irishguy95513d ago

You just gave a perfect example of style over substance 2pacalypsenow

Perjoss513d ago

@cpayne93 "Ants on a tree"

Sorry to break it to you, but Skyrim had ants on trees 6 years ago.

Scatpants513d ago

But how is it's fish AI?

cpayne93513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

@ED the original comment was "amount of detail and interactivity this game has through its physics system"

The original word "detail" was directed at the physics system, I don't know if you guys read the original comment. I doubt he meant it was the most graphically detailed.

Why is there such a horizon vs zelda fanwar going on here? What is wrong with you people?

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hellothere1977513d ago ShowReplies(6)
pramath1605513d ago

I'm going to assume you never played the game

rocketpanda513d ago

Be careful now, you don't want to be DDoS! Grown up Zelda man-children are like that you know!

stuna1513d ago

Ok this was talked about several weeks ago. How about how Aloy can change positioning on her mount and still take down machines in motion!? That is a game mechanic that affects gameplay. Detail interactivity and physics are all in play.

Segata513d ago

I bet in HZD if you have to solve a puzzle or something it has to be by that games rules. Find thing to put on thing for thing to happen. Botw yeah has thing to put on thing for thing to happen OR get creative. Drop all metal weapons,use magnet to form a straight line to have them conduct electricity to activate thing anyway. Again not something the game would tell you. Not even really a programmed mechanic as it is just the physics and such allow for so much freedom in thinking. If you can think it you can do it. HZD if you throw a rock at a cliff it just stays there. Botw it will roll down. HZD shoot an electric arrow at water with fish and nothing happens. Botw same thing but the fish die.

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CrimsonWing69513d ago

I don't think it's on a level only Kojima could embody. Have you played any open world game other than Metal Gear Solid V? Check out Witcher 3, probably the best Open World RPG to date.

Vegamyster513d ago

In terms of story lines for both the main & side missions it's definitely top 3, the combat, AI and balancing definitely needs work.

Vegamyster513d ago

I've seen a number of people claim the AI in this game is bad never give any reasons, it's not perfect but it definitively has some of the best AI of any open world game.

If there is more than enemy one they'll spread out and come from different angles, if you shoot enemies with arrows they'll start zigzagging whenever you pull your bow out, hitting them with a bomb will result in them running away the 2nd time from it mid air if they have enough time, if they have wooden weapons and there is a camp fire or the grass is set ablaze they'll run to it to ignite them so they do more damage, shooting a giants eye will cause him to raise his hand over it when you try and do it a second time, certain enemies with no weapons will catch your boomerang mid air and use it against you, if you drop weapons they'll pick them up and start using them, larger enemies will rip trees out of the ground or near by allies and use them as weapons/projectiles ect. They all adapt to the situation, including the slower Bokoblins.

Like the video in the article also shows you can also solve puzzles through different means then they wanted using different mechanics, I've done that a few times in some of the different Shrines/dungeons.

WPX513d ago

The attention to detail in Zelda BOTW makes me remember what Half-Life 2 did for FPSes back in the day.

pramath1605513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

Yeah, agreed, although Nintendo is far more talented than Kojima

CP_Company513d ago

yes,especially in programming,ddoss attacks to be precise :)

Athos512d ago

Thats right, because Nintendo software engineers sit there doing ddos attacks. What an idiot.

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