How Forza overtook Need for Speed to become the world's biggest racing IP

Playground and Turn10 directors discuss where the series goes from here.

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TGGJustin151d ago

Where do these sites come up with this stuff? Forza franchise is only like 30 million sold if that. Gran Turismo is over 70 Million. So how is Forza the "World's Biggest Racing Franchise" exactly?

SardoNumspa151d ago

And that is with the Turn 10 clowns crapping out an endless stream of their GT wannabe junk while GT has only a couple games max each gen.

Septic151d ago

Lmao! Sure...the wannabe that surpassed what it wanted to be...a long time ago

GTgamer151d ago

Too bad it can't surpass it's sales

mozzie151d ago

calling turn 10 clowns and forza junk. wow. seriously? n4g is junk with it's sony addicted ps4 junkies.

FITgamer151d ago

Objectively GT is the biggest racer. No other franchise even comes close in sales. It also has a higher average Metacritic rating than Forza Motorsport.

Kingthrash360151d ago

Forza is good, horizon is great...turn 10 are a great Dev team.
That said, forza isnt the world's biggest racing matter how you spin it. The game releases every's the only racing game that releases every year. So many times it releases without competition and hasn't sold that well.
GT is a true racing sim. Forza is a hybrid arcade sim...FH is pure arcade....
Yet it's not bigger than say mariokart
Or bigger than that release years apart.
I just dislike when people force achievements on themselves.

InTheLab151d ago

Forza Isa great franchise that milks it's fan base with frequent releases but it is far from junk. A high quality racer that's been consistently good minus a few missteps like Forza 5 launching with zero improvements over 4 and less cars, tracks, etc.

GT, on the other hand has made more mistakes last gen the excusable. You'd all be jumping down throats at Turn 10 if Forza launched with minimal tuning and zero customization.

So while GT is sales King, Forza has long surpassed it in quality .

JackStraw151d ago

Septic, just stop dude. It's not even funny at this point.

_-EDMIX-_151d ago

@Septic- yes...its so good, people don't buy it.

I remember when MS was happy about Forza's life time sales.....then GT5 released and LITERALLY SOLD MORE UNITS THEN THE ENTIRE FORZA SERIES! lol

Sure bud.

If the game is good, racing fans would migrate over, sorry but its not happening with this series. Bi yearly is hurting this game and clearly Turn 10 isn't THAT good.

So its going to take them, what 7 or 8 games to get this correct or?

rocketpanda151d ago

Yay, GT fans get to play a GT games once every 5 - 10 years. To hell with Turn 10 filling in the gap..

I still remember them charging for GT prologue, a glorified demo.

As much as I love the GT series, the diehard Sonyboys are just sad. You only think one racing game can exist.

Haurus151d ago


About as much as CoD surpassed Madden.

Forza = Arcade
GT = Sim

Simply having cars in both games does not make them comparable.

GT also still sells far more than Forza, which shows the majority of people still prefer GT.

darthv72151d ago

I think you guys are missing something. While GT may be the overall leader in terms of "biggest racer"... THIS particular piece is about current trends. As in there is currently no GT game on the market for the 8th gen and Forza being bigger than Need for Speed in THIS time frame.

Now when GT7 (or GT Sport) releases THEN things will change but until such time you can't deny that Forza is the bigger of the two between NFS and Forza

XXanderXX151d ago

Sad you call them Clowns but yet GT had no problem hiring one of those clowns to work on the car sounds of GT. Some talented clowns am guessing.

Unspoken151d ago

Gran Turismo fans can't give credit to Forza Motorsport or Horizon?

Septic151d ago


Lmao. Go check the review scores and come back to me. Forza schooled GT a long time ago. Gt Sport looks great however.

"So its going to take them, what 7 or 8 games to get this correct or?"

😂 get what correct? Its the king of racers atm.

The fact that the guy avove calls Forza GT wannabe junk proves how much Forza hurts ps fanboys in the gut. Keep at it 😂

Forza is King of racers and has been for some time now. If GT Sport surpasses it then fair play. But for now...Playstation Nation better recognise 😎

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feju151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Funny. So all these GT clowns still mad trolling Forza articles based on GT lifetime sales figure without admitting that it's way more popular just because it was sold & played for more than a decade before Forza?

TheCommentator151d ago


Enjoy playing those sales figures then... I'll be playing a better driving game on my Xbox.

BigWan78151d ago

And Gran Turismo has gotten progressively worse with each iteration...
Need for Speed not too far behind...

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec was the last great Gran Turismo game...

They sold well because there was nothing else like it at the time.

GT5 and GT6 paled in comparison to Forza 5 alone... i wont even mention Forza 6...

specialguest151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

GT is that old lion that thinks he still rule the land, still telling old tales of victories from 10-20yrs past. GT has not been relevant for many years. You were the champ a long time ago, but due to being out of the game for long periods at a time, other franchises have passed you.

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SideNote151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

No, forza was amazing. But went way to casual. I think forza 4 hit its peak (not counting the amazing horizon games). But I'm now itching to get back onto GT SPORT when that's released. That looks sweet.

mcstorm151d ago

I think 6 is better than 3 which i think was the best one until 6 came along but horizon 3 is just another level to all racing games

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YAO-BLING151d ago

i let me 4 year old pick out either forza or gt after i let him see a couple of youtube videos.. he chose GT.. says the engine sounds like what a man would drive .. and forza sounds like what mom would drive.

Jon61586151d ago

O_____O There's so much wrong with this comment I'm flabbergasted.

TheCommentator151d ago

Yet GT hired the guy doing the audio for the old Forza games because their cars sound like tubas having sex with vacuum cleaners, but yeah, the discerning pallete of a 4 year old is the nail on the coffin for Forza...

Seriously, Polyphony could record your 4 year old imitating car engines and it would still sound better than anything GT has come up with so far.

Goldby151d ago


i know. no proper ellipsis, no capitals for I, and worst of all, it sounds like Yao-Bing's wife is having an affair.
Notice how his kid said man would drive and not dad would drive.

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VideoGameLab151d ago

You should actually read the article, its pretty good!. Also its about current IP. Aint no GT out this gen.

ForeverTheGoat151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

GT is meh now. Hasn't been all that great since 4. Forza has taken over as being the best racer.

bluefox755151d ago

I feel the same about Forza...hasn't been great since 4.

ForeverTheGoat151d ago

Reviews would suggest otherwise lol.

XanderZane150d ago

Forza has been king since Forza Motorsport 3 and Forza Horizon 2. Still waiting for GT to recover and give me something fresh and new besides getting licenses and doing driving tests.

Nu151d ago

Raphael the red ninja turtle is that you?

thisismyaccount151d ago

Outdated comparison between the most-known racing franchises .. in 2015 Forza reached 20mill. Doubt they´ve sold 10 mill. since then but if some have up2date data please let me know :)

1º Need for Speed at 150mill. sold copies
2º Mario Kart at 100mill. sold copies
3º Gran Turismo at 75mill.
4º PGR? Metropolis Racer / Forza