Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare dropped to below $19 on PS4; also on sale for PC and Xbox One

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been discounted to $18.58 on PS4, $24.47 on Xbox One and $21.99 on PC.

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blu3_puls3431d ago

Wow that was fast, and I'm still not picking it up.

SierraGuy430d ago

No offense blu3 but the game is fluid as f#[email protected] at that price it's a no brainer if u even remotely enjoy cod.

TranceHop 431d ago

Still waiting for the call of duty 4 standalone

C-H-E-F431d ago

Not much to wait on really, everyone on there camps harder than any COD i've ever played in my entire life lOl. It ruins the nostalgia trip, the campaign is still BOSS and super gorgeous though. But if you're looking for it for the MP component you'll be pissed. You don't know how many games i've played where the game ended with 40 kills in TDM for teams lOl... it's just ridiculous.

Razputin430d ago

What I started to hate about shooters in general.

CoD started that BS 3 choke point crap and random obstacles in paths so people can camp. Always hated it.
I love the franchise, they make amazing single player experiences and the MP can be hit or miss. I completely skipped MW3 and BO2 MP, they were just horrible. AW was ridiculous but died quickly.

Going to pick this up really for the SP.

431d ago
SuperbVillain431d ago

hey if it still comes with COD remastered that might be worth the price alone

ravinash431d ago

...and then they hit you with the DLC costs.

431d ago
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