Can GTA Kiss Its Crown Goodbye?

Grand Theft Auto has been considered one of the kings of open world experiences. But a lot of challengers have stepped up to steal its thunder. Can the series remain on top?

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SolidStoner606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

Seems like they are...

or just speculating to get some 'clicks'...

everyone knows - the real GTA killer is GTA! even GTA San Andreas is still killing straight head shots anyone who dares to come close!

Sparta07606d ago

Maybe red dead 2!?
But as far as any other game, is not gonna happen.

joab777605d ago

It's funny how we ask this question concerning a game released last gen?

RememberThe357605d ago

Sort of answers the question in itself, doesn't it?

RosweeSon605d ago

Yeah because a similar game is anywhere near GTA sales.

2pacalypsenow606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

lol, reminds me of the "Halo killer" days when any FPS was coined that, hell even games like Street Crimes and Driver 3 tried taking on GTA and they all failed, the only thing that can kill GTA is GTA.

Paytaa606d ago

Yeah Haze was set to kill Halo. Halo died that day /s

GTA is too much of a behemoth for a random game to just outdo it in quality and sales.

606d ago
Kabaneri606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

GTA5 was the #6 highest selling game last year; 3 years after the initial launch. GTA is quite possibly the most valuable IP in the entire entertainment industry.

BlakHavoc605d ago

In the entire entertainment industry? Hmm, that's interesting, I honestly don't know but I'd imagine something like Star Wars is more valuable.

Kabaneri605d ago


Not even close, name one Star Wars movie that produced more revenue than GTA5.

605d ago
SierraGuy606d ago

There probably wouldn't even be GTA if it wasn't for Driver on PS1. What an awesome game.

UnSelf606d ago

GTA was actually on ps1 and it came out before Driver.

jairusmonillas605d ago

This is true, Driver 1 and especially Driver 2 were great on PS1. GTA 3 pretty much stole Driver's gameplay mechanics and simply added weapons and stuffs it's like GTA 3 was the real sequel to Driver 2.

SierraGuy605d ago

@unself the first two GTA games were top down crap @jairusmonillas you couldn't be more correct.

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annoyedgamer606d ago

Remember Watch Dogs? Me neither.

Flewid638605d ago

Sleeping Dogs on the other hand was amazeballs.

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The story is too old to be commented.