How to Save the PlayStation Now Service

PlayStation Now has been floundering. Especially after getting a cut to applicable platforms. But Sony has a chance to do better.

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PhoenixUp368d ago

How do you know PS Now has been floundering when you don't even have any hard numbers to support such claims?

freshslicepizza367d ago

you dont hear sony talk about it much, that says it all.

they need to get the pricing down and offer current gen games (which they will).

lodossrage367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


That doesn't mean anything. They don't talk about PSVR very much, yet we know they're outselling oculus and Vive. They don't even talk about PS4 sales anymore yet we know the PS4 is doing well.

In fact, they hardly ever even comment on the NPD even.

joab777367d ago

Funny you got down voted because they are adding PS4 games this year. And they cut useless services so many this will bring down costs.

Aenea367d ago

Gotcha! Xbox won't be getting any new games! You heard it here first people! MS is not talking about new games so there won't be any new ones according to moldy!

freshslicepizza367d ago

1. sony has said psvr has exceeded their expectations and have released numbers

2. sony is always talking about how ell ps4 is doing and releases numbers

not once has sony said playstation now is doing good or any numbers. now watch as everyone turns this into something about xbox. it's what you guys always do when somebody isn't positive in regards to anything to do with sony.

rainslacker366d ago

Yeah, that argument that Sony isn't talking about it made many look like a fool when it came to PSVR when Sony did talk about it, but sure, lets extend it to PSNow?

PSNow is still being advertised, still getting new games added, still having new features added, and Sony is supporting the service. The only thing that's been a step back on the service since beta to release to now is removing it from some devices. Everything else has been additive. Sony isn't in the habit of always adding to a service or product when it isn't doing well.

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PhoenixUp367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

You also don't hear Sony talk about how many people are subscribed to PS+ in recent times but that doesn't mean the total is floundering.

PS Now prices do need to come down

Aenea367d ago

I think they need to change the pricing model. The monthly and quarter subs are on the high side, while the $99 for a year sub is actually a good price and makes it cheaper than Netflix and Xbox Game Pass...

Derceto367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Why would you want to save this? lol Kill it, is more like it. Streaming compressed, laggy, artifacted video, is hardly the ideal way to play any game.

joab777367d ago

What? They are adding current gen. And like it or not, streaming will be part of the future. If you could play any game at anytime with no loading or updating for a standard monthly price, would you if you had the internet to do so. PSNow has worked fine for me.

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ThatGuyDart367d ago

Streaming will never overtake running natively on hardware, it's just not going to happen and it shouldn't happen

UltraNova367d ago

You should really educate your self on the whole future investment thing.

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joab777367d ago

The way they are. Cut services that aren't being used and add PS4 games. Though I still don't understand how Sony is unable to leverage the PlayStation and it's services to sell phones and TVs.

audiocafe367d ago

lower the price and make the games downloadable. bonus points for adding customization options to the PC version of the games...well, at least that would get me to give it a shot. can't speak for everyone else.

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MasterCornholio367d ago

You can't just make the games downloadable. They would have to create an emulator to make said games playable on PC and PS4. While PSX, PS2 and PS4 games might be easy to emulate it's PS3 titles that are causing the problem.

Aenea367d ago

They might do that one do, well, I don't see them allowing you to download the games, use a remote server as a harddisk (once internet speed is up to it in 90% of the world) and emulate the different PlayStations since by then even a cheap PC will be fast enough to emulate a PS3.

Aenea367d ago

Downloading the games would be only possible on PS4, not on the PC since there are no PC versions of the games...

So that won't work...

PS Now will change in the future and will move away from streaming and will use servers as a remote network harddisk and load games from there but they will need to make an emulator for it on PC that's watertight and is seriously hard to hack OR it will change in such a way that you don't even notice it's being streamed....

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