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Skyler from InformedPixel says: "Giving a game a perfect score is something I rarely do. I find that video game generally requires some fine-tuning, some definition, and constructive criticism on how the game could be improved. With Breath of the Wild, there is absolutely nothing I would have changed about my experience. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is what I would describe "Perfection.""

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Muadiib428d ago

I'm sure the game is excellent but perfect it is not, so you wouldn't change the technical limitations like an inconsistent framerate, atrocious aliasing, long load times and some poor voice acting?! It should be marked down a few points at least for those.

Dan_scruggs428d ago

I'll say the same thing to you that I say to everyone else. Play the game for yourself before you assume those things matter in the grand scheme. Also it doesn't have long load times. In fact my personal account is they are pretty fast.

Muadiib428d ago

No game is perfect though, if a site is going to use the 100 point scale then they should at least be a little objective.

Istolla428d ago

100 does not mean perfect. Many reviewers have said this.

Muadiib428d ago

The reviewer even said the game was "perfection", he should use a 10 point scale if he's going to lose all objectivity.