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Horizon: Zero Dawn GIF Shows Puddles That Evaporate in Real Time

"Horizon: Zero Dawn has been out for a few weeks now and has enjoyed both critic and commercial success. Things like the world, story, graphics and more have all been praised but I think it’s the little details that really make this game special."

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Community149d ago
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corroios149d ago

GG are just crazy with detail.

DiceAndRice149d ago

Agreed. This is amazing and crazy.

SardoNumspa149d ago

What you would expect from GG who were responsible for last gen's masterpiece FPS:

Pintheshadows149d ago

I hope at some point they take Killzone back to the industrial grit.

feju149d ago

So the non-realtime day-night cycle was amazing and crazy detail too?

bouzebbal148d ago

i swear i will play KZ2 as soon as i get home.

inveni0148d ago

Honestly, the puddles are cool—something I noticed when playing—but they have to do SOMETHING with them. Having them gradually disappear is obvious. I can't praise them for detail on that when they neglected footprints.

Still, I beat the game yesterday and was very satisfied. Good game. Great power armor.

DialgaMarine148d ago

@Sando It is truly crazy how well Killzone 2 & 3 hold up graphically to today's standards. Not to mention they were also extremely fun games overall.

XanderZane148d ago

Horizon's is like 100x's better then Killzone: SF. They aren't even on the same level at all. Killzone SF was no where close to being a masterpiece. Horizon is probably has as much details as Uncharted 4 if not moreso. I hope I never see another Killzone game, but please give me a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn.

IamTylerDurden1148d ago


He said "last gen" and was referring to KZ2. Were u actually confused or just trying to take a shot at Sony?

Christopher147d ago

***The fact that rain can be random, makes the object random.***

The result does not have to be random even if based on a random element. Flipping a coin is random, deciding who wins based on that is not. The randomness is in determining when to call an event, that didn't make the event process itself random or 'heavier' to maintain than if the determination of an event call wasn't random.

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shloobmm3149d ago

So crazy with detail they made the water not react to the players body really and had those damn snow piles the player simply clips right through. It makes no sense. Lets create this beautiful world and then leave in jarring snow piles that kill immersion. Crytek used to do things like this also.

Bathyj149d ago

Dont worry about it. Its not your problem.

Axecution149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

eh you're definitely wrong about the snow but i cant argue the water. It seems so out-of-place in such a pretty game.

Alloy doesnt get wet, water doesnt ripple at all let alone move in real-time, and some of the waterfalls are flat textures that if you look at from the side, they're almost invisible.

Other than the water though these graphics and everything else about the game are nearly perfect.

bloop148d ago

@Axecution: He's not wrong about the snow piles though. Aloy has no effect on deep snow when she walks through it. Her character clips through. And also foliage (except the long grass) has no reaction to her character either. No biggie though and I wouldn't be getting my knickers in a twist like shloobmm3 is. I just finished main story and platinumed a few hours ago. The game is amazing in every respect. Beautiful world, excellent combat, interesting missions and the story was brilliant too. GG did an amazing job, especially considering it's a new ip and their first go at open world and an rpg. Easily one of the best, if not the best game of this gen so far.

moegooner88148d ago

I was just in the RHO cauldron, and Aloy did get wet when she dove in the water.

IamTylerDurden1148d ago

Aloy does get wet when she goes in water, it's a lie to say she doesn't. She gets shiny and slick aka wet. I heard ppl say the foliage doesn't react to her and was pleasantly surprised that the tall brush absolutely moves in accordance with her. All foliage also moves and sways in the wind. Did ppl expect the short foliage to move about her feet?

I think it's more than adequate how GG decided to allocate their resources, i can live with the snow and short brush not being reactive when the rest of the game is so stellar and detailed.

thejigisup148d ago

I spend so much time in the water and kicking around tufts of snow in this game

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Bathyj149d ago

You never get sick of just looking around in this game. I will be on a mission near a cliff face and I'll just stop when I see the sun just about to dip below the mountain line. Im literally stopping to watch the sun set. No other game have I spent so much time doing this sort of thing.

And the moon is even nicer.

Apocalypse Shadow149d ago

Lol! Bathy. That sounds like me. Was getting a flower off of a mountain yesterday and just had to stop and look. Then, it started raining and it looked awesome as well. Instead of running, I just walked down the mountain turning the camera to the side.

Bathyj149d ago

I was on a mountain and it started snowing. I noticed Aloy will hold her hands out when its snowing and catch the snowflakes. This lead to 10 minutes of me taking photos of her catching snow at different times of the day.

skwidd148d ago

Guys! This is one of the few games I don't mind walking around and picking up flowers with the incredible soundtrack playing to reflect who Alloy is. Someone who is seeking the truth of who her mother is and where she came from. Its so touching. I even love the touches they added where she very subtley extends her arms out over the red plants to brush their tops with her hand. So subtle yet so beautiful to show her soft side. Though she is a feminine woman she is also a strong one. GG have really created a great female role model. Can't say crap about that!

Manofgod148d ago

Uncharted 4 was the last game that had me looking at such details. Great games!!

thejigisup148d ago

I spent a good amount of time looking at the skies in infamous second son. This however took it to a wholenother level.

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arijitfrens2006149d ago

Agree, i am surprised to see how few claimed GG missed out on little details.. Well done GG.. Now waiting to hear more about The Expansion.. May be PSX 2017 or E3 2018..

skwidd148d ago


Right on man! Too many slept on Killzone 2! One of only two games I've platinumed. Horizon is next! K2 was a true underrated masterpiece. GG have been my fave dev since then even though they took some turns to the not so great after KZ2. Too much audience catering. I missed when Herman used to say "we do things our way" and "we're a stubborn studio". I guess they moved away from that talk after the KZ2 debacle. Glad they're back with a vengeance with Horizon.

DoomeDx148d ago

GTA5, Sleeping Dogs and The Witcher 3 have this. It really it not THAT special.

IamTylerDurden1148d ago

GG emulated Naughty Dog with the level of detail in Horizon. From time to time i stop and marvel at an incredible animation or graphical nuance, it's impressive.

DigitalRaptor143d ago

Not just GG. It's just Sony's First-Party that cares so much for this kind of attention to detail. It's impressive and very welcome.

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ninsigma149d ago

Awesome attention to detail but in reality how many people would have noticed this through their playthroughs?? To me it raises a question of do developers sometimes put resources to something that's largely gonna go unnoticed that it's a waste and those resources could have been spent elsewhere?? Still, it is impressive and I commend the devs for their achievement because honestly this is my favorite game of the generation and likely one of my top games I've ever played.

AcidDvl149d ago

If you had any idea about what your talking about, you'd know that this weighs nothing on performance...

ninsigma149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

You don't know how much it takes up either mate. Besides, I never said it took up a lot, of course it doesn't but that doesn't change the fact that games in general do have a lot of small details go completely unnoticed. Why use the resources?? If it's spare then fair enough.

I posed a question, no need to be high and mighty in your reply.
edit: see kwiet below for tips on how to discuss these sort of things.

AcidDvl149d ago (Edited 149d ago )


That's where you're terrible wrong mate. I do know how much it takes up because I have a major in engineering informatics and I've worked with a bunch of different graphical engines.

Do you want a tip of how to discuss this type of technical issues in a video-game? Educate yourself first.

This type of 'method/technique' does not take any unnecessary space within the game, on the contrary, because if the puddle is there in the first place, making it disappear only frees up space(gradually).

This is not a wasted resource type of deal. And with a game that wants to have this level of detail, this is the sort of technique to go for, one that takes no hit on performance.

Edit: See, your uneducated mind asking for something like "like having the tall grass react to the player moving through them", which requires a complex mathematical algorithm, plus it severely takes a hit on performance and is prone to bugs, then complaining about a technique that frees up space (gradually, instead of immediately), while giving immense detail to the world.