Is Mass Effect: Andromeda Stuck in The Last Generation

A look at how Mass Effect hasn't evolved with the times.

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RpgSama188d ago

Considering all the previous mass effect games were better in every way, including animations on Mass Effect 10 years ago, I would say its even worse than that.

OrangePowerz188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

You probably want to replay them if you think they had been better in every way including animation. Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games in my opinion but the animations or character models had the same issues they still have. A lot of people seem to have rose tinted glasses. The original three games had the same horrible animations and human faces overall with some good ones here and there mainly for the team members. Aliens are the only ones that always looked good across the board.

joab777188d ago

I don't really agree with this though. This game has done a lot to push the series forward in terms of combat, environment, freedom etc. The world is much bigger and better looking (and it is).

The problem is that in their endeavor to evolve certain aspects of the game, they failed miserably in some of the core tenets, such as dialogue. Animation is simply broken in some regards. Now I can't speak to the story as a whole, and 99% of the issues that have been documented are quite early, so it's difficult to say whether the story gets better etc.

Unfortunately, many are not gonna give the game a chance and this is EA and Bioware's fault. They may have crafted a giant world teeming with life and things to do, but many will never see it because they failed in the only regard that really mattered...Making us forget about ME3's ending early in Andromeda.

It is an utter failure of leadership and vision, but it doesn't mean that the game has taken Jo steps forward.

Pintheshadows188d ago

'but it doesn't mean that the game has taken no steps forward'.

Yeah, it took a couple of steps forward. Sadly, it has also taken about ten backwards. I am going to be honest joab, I wouldn't make this the game you die on the cross for. It isn't worth it. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but it is pretty unremarkable and suffers from issues that have been surpassed and overcome in this age of gaming.

It does feel stuck in the past.

188d ago
FallenAngel1984188d ago

I still have yet to see what makes 8th gen distinct from 7th gen

PapaBop188d ago

Microtransactions? Far far worse now than they ever were in the 360/ps3 era

Mr-Dude188d ago

Yup, last gen we had online passes...

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NiteX188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I was expecting an in depth and detailed article about the entire game.... Instead I found someone bitching about facial animation bugs that aren't even present for everyone. This is getting very old.

Pintheshadows188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

'facial animation bugs that aren't even present for everyone'

And for those that do experience them, are you saying they should just keep their mouths shut? F them right, they should suffer in silence. Ridiculous. As I said to joab, don't die on the cross for this game, it simply isn't worth it. It's a dated reminder of where games were 5-6 years ago in almost every area. Level design, mechanic implementation, combat encounters, AI (which is just broken) are all last gen.

OrangePowerz188d ago

I don't fully agree. Sure animations and models aren't great in many places, but those are the main issues. Outside of that it's a fun game and yes it plays like Mass Effect, but that's the point of it. I don't play Mass Effect because I want to play a game that feels like Horizon (awesome game). Any sequel I get is because I want more of the same with a new story or continuation of a story with nice graphics and some new or improved mechanics here and there. The graphics outside of human models are a good step up from the previous games and the combat feels very good. The biggest design choices I don't love are probably how the slace exploration is too slow with it's camer panning and for some of the larger areas I would have preferred to be more guided levels. Saying it's "a dated reminder at where games were x amount of years ago" would apply to the majority of sequels. For me personally I hate most sequels that try to change too much, best example being MGS5 that changed everything good about the series "to be up to date". Or as a more recent example Resident Evil. Resi 7 is a great game on it's own, as a Resident Evil game it's okayish and ever since Resident Evil 4 it's not Resident Evil for me anymore and I lost interest in the franchise. 4 was an action shooter that removed any sort of brain requirement, 5 and 6 had been Call of Evil and 7 is Outlast or like the other horror games. All in the name of being up to date and "not feeling like a dated game from X years ago".

Yakuza games are great as example and I wouldn't want them to change and I'm sure plenty of people think the games in that series are horrible and stuck in time of the PS2 era because "they aren't up to date" and don't play like GTA.

Like I said there are valid points when it comes to animations and models and some bugs that people can run into, but the core package that is there is good. It's the lack of polish that leaves a bad taste.

MilkMan188d ago

They need new devs to give this a go. Some hungry fellows. Not the remains of the once great Bioware.

game4funz187d ago

This was my last go at a Bioware game. Was hoping for the best.

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