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After months of waiting from audiences, the latest entry in the Zelda franchise, Breath Of The Wild, has been released to huge expectation, with a massive open world and a new interpretation of Zelda gameplay. But does it hold up to the staggering hype? Grab your sword, don your hardiest travelling gear and find out!

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ShadowKnight335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Best game this year imho!! 97 on metacritic. It will win 2017 goty people just don't know it yet.

Veneno335d ago

Zelda is a lock for Goty unless Rockstar can surprise us with RDR 2. If they can break their constraining gameplay and open it wide open like BOTW where you can do any of the missions at will I think that would be a great accomplishment. But so far Rockstar has kept the same old formula of locking us in to specific story threads/ missions. Make exploration fun like BOTW and not have an empty open world. I know it will impress but will it be enough to beat Zelda? Can't wait to find out.

CP_Company335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

but you are delusional,wow.i know,it is hard to live in denial,but we are trying to help you :D
Horizon is all over GOTY 2017 unless RDR 2 creates something fantastic.
you can go and compare zelda with games like andromeda,maybe it will win something.

Veneno334d ago

Botw was rated higher by every one . I still have yet to play Horizon. That will be the next game I play, but going by ratings it plain to see Zelda is leading the pack as of right now. These are facts. Someone who is delusional ignores facts. Like.......... you.

CP_Company334d ago

veneto,who cares about those review then if you don't give it 10,your site get ddos,you get lawsuit for nothing and other shady things nintendo do.look at customers review,Horizon is that is important,also sales numbers speaking for it you can be sane man or just deluded herd crackhead.

335d ago