First Look at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

PS Blog: Last month, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at an early version of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Though still early in development, it’s showing loads of promise. I was able to get unprecedented access to the minds at developer Naughty Dog to learn more about its next Uncharted adventure.

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jay2341d ago

I wont buy this, nate is uncharted, this new game is BS, if'd be dlc for 4 fair enough but no just no

Goldby341d ago

you do realise it is DLC for 4, a standalone DLC, just like Left Behind.

GtR35olution341d ago

I cant wait to buy this day one

The_Sage341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Actually... It started out as DLC but it is now it's own stand alone game. This was stated after the fantastic E3 showing, and it is also stated in this article.

To the idiot that disagreed, read the article. If that's not enough proof for you, do some research.

ABeastNamedTariq341d ago

Nope. It's actually going to be on store shelves and available for download. I was about to correct it too but I looked it up and I stand corrected.

The_Sage341d ago

Directly from this article...

"It’s worth noting that The Lost Legacy, which will be launching later this year as a standalone game".

psplova341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Wonder if it will cost a full $60.. Is it gonna be like that? 20+ plus hours?

JackStraw340d ago

Lost Legacy wasn't even shown at E3. And it has always been its own standalone game, but it is still DLC. It is a story expansion to UC4.

bouzebbal340d ago

Something i really dislike about this series is that every single character climbs exactly the same way, even old Sully does the same? Nathan doesn't have some movements only HE can do, and i think it's a bit lazy design.
I am sure these two will climb exactly the same way, it will feel like like Nathan skin.
Still gonna keep an eye on this because it feels somewhat different than what we have seen so far.

inveni0340d ago

@bouzebbal, Aloy climbs like Drake, too, and that's a completely different studio. Maybe it's because there's a certain way to climb a mountain so that it feels satisfying to the player?

kreate340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

who climbs better? Lara Croft or Nathan Drake? or Alloy?

Pintheshadows340d ago

Aloy. She'd crush Lara and Nate in a climbing race. It wouldn't even be a competition.

IamTylerDurden1340d ago

But it's far more robust than Left Behind according to Naughty Dog. They said it's longer than Left Behind but shorter than Uncharted 4 and they called it substantial. It's probably to Uncharted 4 as what The Old Blood is to The New Order.

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Sparta07341d ago

Wow!! 😂 It is a dlc for UC4.
Maybe you should read up on it before commenting.

Lionalliance341d ago

The reasoning of some of you people for not getting this DLC is

SardoNumspa341d ago

Uh oh.

Get ready to be called an Trump Supporter/AltRight/NeoNazi/Whi te Supremacist/Gamergater who is JUST AFRAID OF STRONG WYMN...

gangsta_red341d ago (Edited 341d ago )


Because of the blacks.

Supposedly some have issues with not only there being two female leads but one of them is black so you know, automatic pandering to the SJW/LBGTQ and anything else.

bluefox755341d ago

There are plenty of great female characters and black characters in gaming, Nadine is just not one of them. Cutter would have been a much better choice, but oh well...It's ND, so I'm obviously going to play it anyway.

Silly gameAr340d ago

wtf are you talking about?

Perjoss340d ago

Another gem from Sardo, might have to follow this clown just for the comedic value.

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Liqu1d341d ago

You can't be a very big Uncharted fan if you didn't even know this is a standalone DLC for Uncharted 4.

341d ago
Dirtnapstor341d ago

You been co-oping Witcher 2 on the PS3 with chrisx?!

Bathyj341d ago

Your loss. The game sounds great. Wider areas, more options, improved stealth. Cant wait.

threefootwang341d ago


Insulting a Sony exclusive, especially a series like UC, on N4G of all sites, is equivalent to driving your car

into oncoming traffic,
going 200 km/hr,
with no windshield,
or seatbelt

I salute you for your bravery! 😱😱

Utalkin2me340d ago


First off you have a username of a teenager. Secondly, this is your go to motto, immature attacks. Hence your username.

Some direct quotes

"Que right on time the Sony defence force coming in. The fact that you're just so defensive further proves my point lol. "

"However because it doesn't tow in line with the typical line of thought of Sony fanboys on this site, you're immediately disagreed. Isn't it pathetic how low some of these people stoop?"

"I know, that's the best part. This site is overrun with Sony fanboys. "

Funny thing is that you claim to only own a PS4.

"Lol @ this clown for calling me an Xbox fanboy when the only console I've owned this gen has been a PS4"

If you have to keep claiming you do, its obvious you dont. Cause if you actually take time and look at your comments it says otherwise.

threefootwang340d ago

@ Utalkin2me

Bear with me as I do my best to address the shear stupiditiy in your post:

You call me immature, then attack my username, then call me immature again....right. Made the username 4 years ago. Same name on PSN

Next, you quote specific comments I've made in the past while gliding over comments like this:

"I'd hazard throwing in the Resistance series, God of War Ascension, and while KZ2-3's storyline was poor (imo), the graphics and gameplay were a blast. Oh and Heavenly Sword too!"

The comment was in reference to underrated Sony exclusives from the PS3 gen. But wait, a non Sony fan clearly shouldn't know that?! 😱

Next, not only do you take specific comments, but you even take specific parts of my comments, not the entire thing. Wow, just WOW. As I said in the past, "Isn't it pathetic how low some of these people stoop?"

"[I know, that's the best part. This site is overrun with Sony fanboys.] I wasn't even intentionally trolling, I'm speaking the truth. (Not like anything I said is wrong, or even rude either)"

Here's one such comment where you only quoted the first part. Funny thing is, this response was to someone else that was originally shocked at the amount of disagrees I had gotten for listing a neutral opinion. Don't believe me? Well you clearly love looking at my history so look it up bud.

This comment made my day, it's pretty obvious why you didn't quote the whole piece, it's pretty clear Sony fanboys can't STAND criticism, whether it's constructive or humourous.

"Lol @ this clown for calling me an Xbox fanboy when the only console I've owned this gen has been a PS4...But please go on. I'm a fan of games, regardless of what console they come from. If I appear to be an Xbox fanboy, it's only because you Sony fanboys act like spoiled rotten kids."

And btw, this response was to S2Killinit, a delusional Sony fanboy that even by your standards is extreme...He thinks the PS5 will come out in 2018, case in point.

As for your last post where you claim I don't own a PS4, you're partially correct. I don't own a PS4...Anymore that is. I sold it after having an incredibly loud unit and a complete lack of games. It was a Netflix box by the time I sold it. Again don't believe me? Look through my history bud.

Clearly your PlayStation isnt holding your attention if you stoop to such levels to attack people. Get a new hobby, go for a walk, ride a bike.

guyman340d ago

Shoh the ps4 certainly seems to intimidate you

threefootwang340d ago

Shoh? Who the hell is shoh? Do you mean "So?" Perhaps you need to spend less time on your Playstation and more time studying spelling and grammar.

And yes, clearly the PS4 intimidated me so much I had to sell it because I couldn't handle it. The fact that it has no games, was louder then my 360, and served more as a Netflix box are completely irrelevant.

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Ceaser9857361341d ago

Are you serious? Calm down.. Its a dlc..

I personally cant wait for The Lost Legacy.

trooper_340d ago

...It's a story expansion.

What's your problem exactly?

Lynx0207340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Don't worry. I will buy it. I love Uncharted but I don't like Nate so this s-dlc is just perfect for me.

guyman340d ago

It's not a new game, it's an expansion to 4. Maybe Google search before you trust your brain next time

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The_Sage341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Actually, it was stated after the E3 showing and again in this article that Lost Legacy started out as DLC but became a stand alone game. Either way, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

The_Sage341d ago

Directly from this article.

"It’s worth noting that The Lost Legacy, which will be launching later this year as a standalone game".

OB1Biker341d ago

You both are right I think. It's still DLC for people who bought the pass.

340d ago
Legatus341d ago

Anything from Naughty God is day 1.
Can't wait for this beauty.

Stevonidas341d ago ShowReplies(1)
Bebedora341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Oh well. We had a good run, you and I, Drake. RIP.

Bebedora341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Haha. I might have a sense of being melodramatic?