Happy 10th Birthday, PlayStation 3. Now Go and Die Peacefully in a Dusty Attic

GameSpew: This week marks the 10th anniversary of PlayStation 3's European launch. Also this week, it's been announced that Sony are ceasing its production in Japan. It's about time.

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chrisx429d ago

My Ps3 isn't going to die in peace anytime soon, still have a lot of games to play on it. Recently got witcher 2 (1st time playing it) and the ff lightning games. The PS3 is another Legendary sony console

Liqu1d429d ago

Witcher 2 isn't available on PS3.

naruga429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

@chris man you r either a troll or you know nothing or you r not even playing games ... you hilariously exposed yrslf that you dont own a PS3

SCW1982429d ago

you cant disagree with this fact. It was only released on the 360 for consoles.

chrisx429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

@liquid Yep that was a mistake, wanted to type castlevania lords of shadow

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_-EDMIX-_429d ago


Btw we all want to know where you got that copy of Witcher 2 for PlayStation 3. Lol

PlayStation_5429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

"My Ps3 isn't going to die in peace anytime soon."

It already died a quick painful death when he tried jamming a GameCube game and an MS-DOS floppy into it...

"Recently got witcher 2 (1st time playing it)"

The PS3 version of Witcher 2 had some great mini-games, like Frisbee Toss, Disc Bowling, and Spin The Circle...

429d ago
SCW1982429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Witcher 2 was 360 only bruh.

Spike20XX429d ago

Lmao, i wish the Witcher 2 had a ps3 port.

georeo429d ago

Why you lying lol. That game ain't on ps3

badz149429d ago

Facepalm on the Witcher 2 part.

But my PS3 is still not gonna go cryosleep anytime soon. As long as the PS+ game coming, it will still run. My backlogs are shameful

Kiwi66429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

So you brought a game to play on your PS3 despite the fact that it was never on PS to begin with ,so how are you going to play it or were you thinking of something else ?

gangsta_red429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

"wanted to type castlevania lords of shadow"

So you meant to type Castlevania Lords of Shadow but accidentally typed Witcher 2??

I can see how that could happen seeing how those two are spelled so similar to one another....(the hardest /s ever)

christocolus429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Lmao XD. I'm sure he wishes he could edit that comment.

Kribwalker429d ago

😂 😂 yeah witcher 2 gets autocorrected from castlevania lords of the shadow all the time for me

Kribwalker429d ago

Still got your 360 hooked up I see

chrisx429d ago

Aw look at all of them, all out in full force, all wishing I didn't have a Ps3. Sorry to bust your bubbles lads but I own a big fat Ps3

Kribwalker429d ago

That's not it at all. It's that you are blatantly making crap up like buying games that don't even exist on the system. And I don't understand how you would accidentally type witcher 2 instead of castlevania lords of the shadow 😂, they aren't even in the same realm. At least when I give my opinion on something I can legitimately back it up, as I legitimately have a Xbox one, switch and PS4 hooked up right now

S2Killinit428d ago

It does happen. Its not a mistake between two things that are associated by the names but by something other than name, like when i think ice cream i think chocolatte. Not because they sound similar but because i like chocolate ice cream.

He might have been lying but its also possible that he just said one thing when he meant another. Its not uncommon.

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Nyxus429d ago

Mine is still hooked up.

FallenAngel1984429d ago

My PS3 is going to keep me entertained for the next few years as I continue to Play B3yond

PhoenixUp429d ago

"Ten years is a good, long run for a console – especially one that had such a rough start in life, like the PlayStation 3. Released over a year after its competitor, the Xbox One, and with a massive difference in price, it’s a wonder that it somehow managed to thrive – eventually. Sure, it brought with it the advent of Blu-ray, but for $500? No thank you."

Let's just get this out of the way. Xbox One? Lolwut.

Since this article is talking about PS3's European launch it should go without saying that the console had a much smoother launch and first year sales in that region than 360. In fact one only one year and three months, PS3 had already outsold 360 in Europe thus proving how dominant the power of the brand is in most of the continent

So the higher price and later launch obviously didn't deter Europeans from enjoying the console. It's a wonder how anyone could question PS3's ability to thrive when sold as well as the competition in that entire continent. In fact Europe ended up being PS3's biggest market.

kimblejay429d ago

Xbox One - whoops, embarrassing typo! Thanks for pointing it out – now corrected.

And I'm certainly not questioning the PS3's ability to thrive – it did fantastically later on in its life. I'm merely pointing out that at the time of its launch – which was unarguably rocky – it's hard to imagine it'd go on to do so well.

PhoenixUp429d ago

No prob lmao

PS3 did a lot better than 360 when you align the launch sale numbers for the first and second year

429d ago
xX-oldboy-Xx429d ago

AnxietyGamer77 - your funny bro - Sony had all bases covered, sales and games. 'Ponies' are spoilt for choice, come join the PS family - it ain't so bad.

MasterCornholio429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

It sold slow for a PlayStation console but if you compare it to the 360 it did just fine.


He was just making an observation on how well the PS3 sold. Your only offended because he brought up Xbox.

"than the games themselves. "

If could have a dime for every time a PlayStation fan said that he enjoyed the exclusives on his systems.

PhoenixUp429d ago

@ Master

PS3 sold much faster than PS1 did in its first two years on the market

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brianunfried429d ago

Still use mine almost daily.

_-EDMIX-_429d ago


I'm currently playing Persona 4.

Fist4achin429d ago

I still plan to dig into ni no Kuni and white knight Chronicles. It's no longer a backlog, but more of like a backlog cabin!

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