Square Enix's Surprise Box Returns Today, Grab $80 Worth of PC Games for Just $9.99

Spring marks the return of Square Enix’s exclusive Surprise Box.

For a limited time starting today through till March 29th, players can pre-order Springs Surprise Box for $9.99 via the Square Enix online store.

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454d ago
RavenWolfx454d ago

I have picked up the surprise box a couple of times just for shits and grins. It wasn't worth it.

The 10th Rider454d ago

Wow, that last surprise box sounds pretty awful: "Square Enix’s last Surprise Box arrived in December and included Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Thief, Final Fantasy 13, Life is Strange Episode 1, and Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn."

xPaYDaYx454d ago

How is that awful lol. FFXIII and XIV are incredible games, can't speak for the others though. Assuming XIV comes with its free month then 9.99 was definitely worth it.

kevnb454d ago

For 9.99 that's not bad.

454d ago
The 10th Rider453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Well, considering most individuals wouldn't want more than one or two of those, and that many of them would be or have been available as part of a Humble Bundle, or will be on sale cheap on Steam. It's not really a great deal to pay $10 for a surprise box when pretty much anyone could get the few games they wanted from the bundle for the exact same price (or cheaper) fairly easily.

EDIT: Look at what Humble Bundle offered for $3 more . . . http://www.indiegamebundles...

mikeslemonade453d ago

Screw them and their denuvo. I still need to play Just Cause 3 and that's it.

453d ago
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AzubuEntus453d ago

What games did those surprise box consist of?

quent453d ago

Are they still trying to pawn off the 13-trilogy on people